Felizardo, Lagran excellent in Men’s Higher A De Luna, Roda unbeaten in MMA as Tantianco, Adlawan top Ladies B

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 26: Sherwin Felizardo and Joshua Lagran were in excellent form this week to take the lead in the top-most category of the Filipino Badminton Association in Ahmadi (FBAA) McDonalds Winter Badminton Cup 2-Day Tournament at the Fahaheel Sports Club Friday. Felizardo and Lagran won four of their five matches to top the Men’s Higher A category after the first day’s matches while Albert Marcelo and Joms Tantiago were second with three wins and two defeats with Carlo Bornilla and Ed Antonio third after two wins and four losses. In the MMA category, Marvin de Luna and Nikka Mae Roda were unbeaten in five games to take the top spot while Allan Bondoc and Mendoza won four and lost one for second place with Emmanuel Elesis and Eduard Pascual third after one win and four defeats.

The Men’s Lower A category saw Marlad Aman and Roman Malabanan at the top after five wins and a loss while James Aguinaldo and Noel Sarabillo won four matches and lost two for second place with Arnel Lara and Anthony Valdez having the same record but taking third place after collecting fewer points in their games.
There was a huge entry in Higher B but Ryan Aguilar and Saro won all their five games to take the top spot. Llue Dex Gabuelo and Rio Ferrer were also unbeaten in their five matches but had to occupy 2nd place after collecting fewer points in their five matches while Mohammed Talat and Ronilo Fuentes were in third place after four wins and a defeat.
There was a lot of competition in Ladies B, where Jeanette Tantianco and Jeth Adlawan were the best so far as they were unbeaten in their five matches while Franklin Montesclaros and Eric Soldivillo had also won also their five games but had to be content with second place after collecting only four points less than the leaders in all their games. Meanwhile, Jojo Cantero and Joey Maravillas were in third place after three wins and two losses.

Competition was also very close in Higher C1, where Vincente Joaquin and Jorge Vergera were the best so far after remaining unbeaten in all their six matches while Ernel Carino and Benedict Devassy had the same record but one less match point for second place while Carl Allison Talampas and Sultan Belga were third after five wins and a defeat.
In Higher C2, Freemand Gallevo and Erwin Buefa were dominating the section after being undefeated in all their five games while with the same record but fewer points were Rommel Vizcara and Rochelle Carlos in second place. Jay Parantar and Celso Cruz were third with four winsand a defeat.
In the last category – Lower C – Robert Luage and Sheryl Banera had won all their six matches to take the top spot while Belinda Valdez and Gren Padrones were second after being unbeaten in five matches with Shiely Iglesias and Sheen Golena third after winning four and losing two of their six games.

Court 1
There was a lot of action on Court 1 with Kiesha and Ahmad edging Rashed and Jong 32-29 while Allan and Anthony outlasted Emmanuel and Eduard twice 32-29 and 31-30, before they thumped Kiesha and Ahmad 37-24, and tamed Rashed and Jong 32-29.
In the other games, Marvin and Nikka hammered Rashed and Jong 37-24, overwhelmed Allan and Anthony 36-25, edged Emmanuel and Eduard 31-30, and beat Kiesha and Ahmad twice 31-30 and 33-28;Emmanuel and Eduard thrashed Kiesha and Ahmad 41-20;Cecille and Tet brushed aside Cathy and Leila 34-27, and then thumped Ritz and Rushe 34-27; and Ritz and Rushe beat Mylene and Julie 31-30, and tamed Cathy and Leila 32-29.
Meanwhile, Rashed and Jong outlasted Emmanuel and Eduard 32-29 ; Mylene and Julie overpowered Annie and Psyche 35-26; and Noraiza and Edelyn outclassed Cathy and Leila 39-22.

Court 2
On the same day, on Court 2, Sherwin and Joshua overwhelmed Raja and Joel 35-23, beat Carlo and Ed 31-30, outlasted Forp and Clemens 32-29, and won by default against Raja and Joel while Carlo and Ed thumped Albert and Joms 34-27, before they won by default against Raja and Joel.
In the other action, Forp and Clemens crushed Raja and Joel 40-21, hammered Carlo and Ed twice 40-21 and 37-23, and overpowered Albert and Joms 37-24; Albert and Joms edged Sherwin and Joshua 31-30, brushed aside Raja and Joel 36-25, and thumped Carlo and Ed 36-25; and Eric and Cheyenne outlasted Alvin and Mark 32-27.
 Meanwhile, Jeanette and Jeth thrashed Aldreen and Roma 43-18;Noraiza and Edelyn tamed Annie and Psyche 33-28, and overwhelmed Ritz and Rushe 38-23; Annie and Psyche hammered Cecille and Tet 35-26, brushed aside Cathy and Leila 36-25, and outclassed Ritz and Rushe 35-26; and
Mylene and Julie edged Cecille and Tet 31-30.

Court 3
Court 2 action saw James and Noel overpower Marlad and Roman 41-20, before they overcame Arnel and Anthony 35-26, beat Bon and Hans 31-30, and outclassed Jeb and Ar-J 33-28;Bon and Hans edged Jeb and Ar-J 31-30, and outclasted Jeb and Ar-J 32-29; and Arnel and Anthony brushed aside Jeb and Ar-J 36-25, beat Bon and Hans 33-28, edged James and Noel 31-30, and overpowered Jeb and Ar-J 36-25.
 Also in action were Marlad and Roman who tamed Bon and Hans 36-26,before they thumped Jeb and Ar-J 35-26, outlasted Arnel and Anthony 31-30, edged James and Noel 31-30, and beat Bon and Hans 32-29; Tim and Annie overwhelmed Jimmy and Dodong 36-25; and Franklin and Eric thrashed Jemmo and Jopet 40-21, and tamed Eric and Cheyenne 34-27.
In the other matches, Jojo and Joey outclassed Nichols and Brehn 42-19; Aldreen and Roma brushed aside Nichols and Brehn 34-27; Alvin and Mark overwhelmed Tim and Annie 35-26; Mylene and Julie outclassed Cathy and Leila 34-27; and Cecille and Tet overwhelmed Noraiza and Edelyn 40-21.

Court 4
 Court 4 action saw Mohammed T and Ronilo hammer Glenn and Arnie 36-25 while Charles and Lankey brushed aside Asish and Sony 35-26, tamed Glenn and Arnie 34-27, and thumped Andy and Andrew 35-26;Eric and Cheyenne edged Aldreen and Roma 31-30, and hammered Tim and Annie 36-25;Alvin and Mark outlasted Jimmy and Dodong 32-29, and brushed aside Aldreen and Roma 33-28; and Jemmo and Jopet tamed Tim and Annie 33-28.
In the other matches, Gene and M. Sha thumped Glenn and Arnie 33-28;
Mohammed T and Ronilo outclassed Charles and Lankey 33-28, edged Andy and Andrew 32-29, and brushed aside Joel and Kenjie 37-26; and Andy and Andrew beat Joanthan and Janette 31-30.
Also in action were Ryan and Saro who overpowered Mohammed T and Ronilo 35-26, thrashed Charles and Lankey 39-22, and overwhelmed Glenn and Arnie 45-16 while Llue and Rio brushed aside Glenn and Arnie 34-27;
Jojo and Joey crushed Jimmy and Dodong 42-19, and brushed aside Eric and Cheyenne 33-28; and Franklin and Eric hammered Alvin and Mark 34-27.

Court 5
There was also a lot of action on Court 5 where Gene and M. Sha brushed aside Joel and Kenjie 35-26;Llue and Rio outlasted Andy and Andrew 32-29, thumped Joel and Kenjie 36-25, crushed Gene and M. Sha 42-19, and brushed aside Jonathan and Janette 36-25; and Ryan and Saro hammered Jonathan and Janette 36-25, and thrashed Asish and Sony 42-19.
Franklin and Eric also took to the courts where they tamed Nichols and Brehn 34-27, and outclassed Jimmy and Dodong 40-21 while Jeanette and Jeth outclassed Jojo and Joey 35-26, hammered Nichols and Brehn 38-23, and overpowered Jimmy and Dodong 39-22; and Andy and Andrew beat Asish and Sony 34-27.
Meanwhile, Joel and Kenjie overwhelmed Joanathan and Janette 36-25;
Jemmo and Jopet edged Jojo and Joey 31-30;Asish and Sony tamed Gene and M. Sha 33-28;Aldreen and Roma overcame Tim and Annie 33-28; and
Nichols and Brehn brushed aside Jemmo and Jopet 33-28.

Court 6
Court 6 saw Danny and Modesto brush aside Shiraz and Felina 34-27, before they overcame Marc and Noel 33-28 while Lloyd and Dominic tamed Freddie and Elmer 34-27, thrashed Shiraz and Felina 41-20, and edged Marc and Noel 31-30; and Ernel and Benedict thumped Ryan and Jun 34-27.
In the other action, Martin and Alesandra beat Nihar and Riyadh 33-28, brushed aside Butch and Jeanette 34-27, and edged Cathy and Hammie 32-29;Regina and Lhen edged Irwin and Ell 31-30, overcame Cathy and Hammie 33-28, and tamed Majed and Danilo 34-27;and Gerry and Citadel overpowered Jay and Celso 37-27, and brushed aside Nihar and Riyadh 36-25.
Meanwhile, Ryan and Jun brushed aside Freddie and Elmer 34-27; Sonny and Rhandy outlasted Marc and Noel 31-30;Carl and Rico hammered Sonny and Rhandy 38-23;Jay and Celso outclassed Irwin and Ell 35-26, and brushed aside Regina and Lhen 34-27;Nihar and Riyadh overwhelmed Tony and Marlon 36-25;Freemand and Erwin crushed Irwin and Ell 41-20, and hammered Cathy and Hammie 38-23;Vicente and Jorge overpowered Danny and Modesto 39-22; and Ryan and Jun outlasted Marc and Noel 32-29.

Court 7

Sonny and Rhandy took to Court 7 this week where they brushed aside Anne and Vince 33-28, edged Shiraz and Felina 32-29, and outlasted Freddie and Elmer 32-29;Carl and Rico outclassed Ryan and Jun 33-28, and overwhelmed Marc and Noel 41-20; and Rommel and Rochelle thumped Cathy and Hammie 36-25, before they brushed aside Regina and Lhen 36-25, tamed Majed and Danilo 33-28, and beat Martin and Alesandra 31-30.
Also in action were Jay and Celso who overcame Butch and Jeanette 36-25, and overwhelmed Tony and Marlon 36-25 while Freemand and Erwin tamed Martin and Alesandra 33-28, and crushed Nihar and Riyadh 40-21;Lloyd and Dominic brushed aside Anne and Vince 33-28; and Ernel and Benedict outclassed Danny and Modesto 35-26, and edged Freddie and Elmer 32-29.
 Meanwhile, Vicente and Jorge hammered Marc Noel 38-23;Gerry and Citadel outlasted Majed and Danilo 32-29;Cathy and Hammie overwhelmed Tony and Marlon 33-28;Butch and Jeanette thumped Gerry and Citadel 37-24, and outlasted Irwin and Ell 31-30;Danny and Modesto edged Sonny and Rhandy 31-30; and Shiraz and Felina overcame Ryan and Jun 33-28.

Court 8
 On Court 8, Vicente and Jorge were on top of their game as they brushed aside Freddie and Elmer 35-26, thumped Anne and Vince 35-26, tamed Shiraz and Felina 34-27, and outclassed Carl and Rico 34-27 while Ernel and Benedict hammered Lloyd and Dominic 41-19, brushed aside Freddie and Elmer 34-27, and overwhelmed Anne and Vince 38-23.
 Also in action were Freemand and Erwin who edged Majed and Danilo 32-29; Gerry and Citadel overwhelmed Tony and Marlon 37-24; Rommel and Rochelle thrashed Nihar and Riyadh 38-23; Butch and Jeanette tamed Majed and Danilo 34-27;JM and Leala edged Rheawyn and Stephan 31-20, crushed Anja and Igor 34-17, beat Arlene and Gerlie 26-25, and brushed aside Nadia and Zefelyn 29-22; and Ryan and Jun outlasted Anne and Vince 32-29.
Meanwhile, Carl and Rico outclassed Danny and Modesto 35-26, and edged Lloyd and Dominic 32-29;Rheawyn and Stephan overpowered Ahmed and Bassam 32-19, thrashed Anja and Igor 34-16, and edged Arlene and Gerlie 26-25;Jedric and Feitte overcame Nadia and Zefelyn 28-23, and outlasted Arlene and Gerlie 27-24;Anne and Vince won by default against Freddie and Elmer; Anja and Igor thumped Ahmed and Bassam 28-23; and Ahmed and Bassam tamed JM and Leala 27-24.

Court 9
 The day’s action also saw Robert and Sheryl thrash Bien and Kenneth 43-18, before they overcame Michael and Ayla 33-28, crushed Arthur and Robin 41-20, thumped Lito and Welmyn 34-27, overpowered Gene and Joseph 40-21, and outclassed Joyner and Jang 39-22 while Michael and Ayla hammered Arthur and Robin 37-24, beat Gene and Joseph 35-26, brushed aside Joyner and Jang 40-21, and outlasted Lito and Welmyn 31-30.
Meanwhile, Lito and Welmyn brushed aside Joyner and Jang 34-27, overwhelmed Arthur and Robin 36-25, and outclassed Bien and Kenneth 38-23; Gene and Joseph overpowered Bien and Kenneth 36-25, and edged Lito and Welmyn 32-29; and Joyner and Jang thumped Gene and Joseph 34-27, before they tamed Bien and Kenneth 33-28.
Also on the same day, Jedric and Feitte outclassed Anja and Igor 36-15, and thumped Ahmed and Bassam 31-20;Rheawyn and Stephan crushed Nadia and Zefelyn 32-19;Maria and Nessa overwhelmed Anja and Igor 31-20;Bien and Kenneth overpowered Arthur and Robin 37-24 ; and
Arthur and Robin hammered Joyner and Jang 39-22.

Court 10
On Court 10, Shirley and Sheen were very good as they overpowered Arlene and Gerlie 46-15, outclassed Nelia and Daisy 36-25, crushed Allen and Ayem 41-20, and brushed aside Yolly and Maureen 37-24;Yolly and Maureen hammered Allen and Ayem 44-17, overwhelmed Nasser and Corazon 38-23, and overcame Maria and Nessa 35-26; and Belinda and Gren brushed aside Nelia and Daisy 35-26, thumped Allen and Ayem 39-22, tamed Nasser and Corazon 37-24, overpowered Maria and Nessa 42-19, and beat Shirley and Sheen 31-30.
In the other action on the same day, Nasser and Corazon thrashed Arlene and Gerlie 48-13, beat Shirley and Sheen 33-28, and overwhelmed Allen and Ayem 41-20 while Arlene and Gerlie overwhelmed Ahmed and Bassam 37-14, and hammered Nadia and Zefelyn 37-14; Jedric and Feitte edged JM and Leala 26-25; Nadia and Zefelyn outlasted Ahmed and Bassam 27-24; and Nelia and Daisy brushed aside Allen and Ayem 33-28, edged Yolly and Maureen 32-29, and thrashed Maria and Nessa 43-18.
FBAA officials would like to thank the following McDonalds sponsors: Arnold Saad – Senior Operations Manager, Fadi Rezek – Director of Operations, Sager Al Maousherji – General Manager and Gerry Torio.

By: Jose Gabriel

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