Futile majority

THE battle is over. Those who claimed to be the majority with the ability to impose its own rules and to disrupt the democratic process have been defeated. They have failed to stop some people from filing their candidacies. They have failed to sugar-coat the call for an election boycott to make it appear part of our national work and an act of heroism. Their announcement of the number of candidates even after the withdrawal of some marks the beginning of the ‘funeral’ for the disgraced opposition. The burial will take place once the people participate in the elections, especially since the public has discovered the truth behind the fabricated slogans raised by the seat-thirsty group.

They have not benefited from their demonstrations and provocative statements, particularly their claim that the next legislature will not represent ordinary citizens. In fact, these statements have turned against them, specifically their allegations about the so-called Kuwaiti Spring, the youth revolution and their campaigns on social networking sites. They have taken these steps to achieve their goals only to become indicators of the level of their political bankruptcy. They have not only failed in gathering their support but also in implementing their agendas.

How does the group, which has personal agendas and an alliance that appears like a bloc of thieves who agree on certain issues at night while hiding daggers to stab those in their midst, lead the implementation of the law and major development projects in the country? Wasn’t their dispute over positions and projects while they dominated the nullified February 2012 National Assembly. Their bid to control State domains to obtain unilateral power is a clear manifestation of their selfishness and egoism?

This group seems oblivious to the fact that time and people change. The people of Kuwait are now tired of hearing offensive remarks against the government and the ruling family, in addition to the incessant attempts to cast doubt on the authority and tarnish the reputation of the noble citizens of this country. The people are now tired of the accusatory statements, such as the campaign speeches of Ahmad Al-Saadoun, Musallam Al-Barrak and their allies, particularly since these speeches are empty of projects that match the ambition of the Kuwaiti public. For the first time in our history, we have seen parliamentary candidates adopting rational and moderate election programs, far from insults, intimidations and threats. It is true the statements of Al-Saadoun and Al-Barrak were used to ‘entertain’ their audience, although, it was not the reason behind their victory in previous elections. The actual reason was their unfair coalitions which were formed at the expense of another group.

The efforts of these people have been proven futile. After their utter failure to hamper democracy, they no longer hold any part of the political sorcery tools. Sometimes, they talk about toppling the next Assembly, at other times they discuss civil disobedience and then beg for dialogue in a bid to wipe out shame from their faces, but they keep on failing. Similar to what happened in the past, they will be disappointed again because the next Assembly will be constitutional and par excellence. It will consist of new youthful MPs, who will cooperate with the government in matters which benefit Kuwait and efficiently play their role in monitoring the performance of the government; not the malicious type of control practiced by the previous parliaments, especially the nullified revengeful Assembly.

The preliminary signs of prosperity clearly show that Kuwait is heading towards the implementation of development programs and major projects under the direct supervision of HH the Amir, who vowed to the people of Kuwait that he will restore the glory which the country had lost due to the manipulative acts of some people. Therefore, we are not afraid of what the disillusioned politicians have been circulating in every aspect, even though they have threatened to topple the next Assembly and the government. This is just an empty threat.

The group has failed to get rid of its vengeance mentality which led them to desertion and isolation, even when it dominated the floor of the Parliament. How can they humiliate the constitutional establishment if they have started sinking into oblivion, unless the group hopes to achieve its goals by betting on the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to instigate chaos and wreak havoc in Gulf countries, including Kuwait? Even under such circumstances, the vigilance of Gulf countries will shatter the dreams of the group; thus, the next Assembly will complete its constitutional term, while the so-called majority will be left in anguish for the next four years.

Indeed, they will fail in the same manner they did in the past. The people of Kuwait will not relive the experience of division and wreckage again. We - the people of Kuwait - have learnt a lesson from the group’s failure to incite people to boycott the election. We will have an Assembly full of achievements which will torment the enemy and bring joy to a friend.

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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