Inter-Hotel conference champions Hilton.
Bad Bananas blitz Samuel to keep lead Go Sport, Regency notch convincing victories in women’s volleyball

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 24: Bad Bananas are leading the FBL conferences with 4 wins, followed by Pinoy Kuwait who lost 2 of their 4 encounters and Chatters with 3 losses and a win. All three have one more game left to play. Kuwait Flour Mills lost all three games they played, and have two more games to go. Samuels have played 2 games, losing both, and Sayeco lost the in the only game it played with 4 more games to go. Bad Bananas faced Samuel on Friday and beat them with a comfortable lead of 73-53. Samuels had a good start, scoring 10 points in the first round, but from thereon Riche Javillo of Bad Bananas took the game away with the support of Jonjon Ladaban. Bad Bananas kept the lead in all rounds moving 13-10, 33-16, 56-32 and 73-53. Samuels did not give up fighting until the end, their highest quarter-score, 21, coming in the last round.

Richie Javillo was named the best player of the game. Pinoy Kuwait drew their number of wins against their losses Friday by downing Kuwait Flour Mills with a last gasp 71-70 victory. Ian Dypco, the game’s best player, mixed deceit with aggression to design his team’s win in the game. He shot four 3-pointers, including a last minute blinder that helped his team get close to KFM score, followed by a 2-pointer by Allan Nunez that sealed the game in Pinoy’s favor. The Pinoys kept their lead throughout the game, fighting off KFM attempts to close in. the rounds progressed: 18-14, 36-30, 55-48 and 71-70.

In the game between Save Co and Chatters, the latter won convincingly 88-58. This was the Chatters first ever victory in the conference, giving them a shot in the arm before their last remaining game.  Player No. 21 of Chatters was named the best player of the game, scoring 25 points, with a couple of 3-pointers. Rommel Yumang and Jeff Jaymalin were the two crucial players for Save Co, sharing 22 points between them of the total of 58.  In the Filipino Women’s Volleyball League, Go Sport and Fil Q8 squared up for the first game with Go Sport winning two straight sets to clinch the game, 25-23, 25-12. Fil Q8 went down without a fight after smelling a win in the first game. Sam of Go Sport was adjudged the best player of the game. The second game saw more contest as Regency and Spa Natures fought it out in a 3-set game, won by Regency, 25- 23, 23-25 and 25-15. Spa Natures seemed to fag out in the last set making unforced errors, while Regency stood focused.

As of Friday, the teams were ranked in the following order: Go Sport led the list with 9 wins and 1 loss, followed by Regency Hotel with 7 wins and 2 losses. Nature Spa had 6 wins and 3 losses, while Fil Q8 won 3 games and lost in 6. Quantum Pendant have 2 win and 8 losses. GIC was at the bottommost with 8 losses and a single win. Each team will get to play a total of 10 games. With the exception of Go Sport and Quantum Pendant who have played out all their games, each teach has one more game to go. The FBL is now open for registrations for the 7th Inter-Company Conference. Only bona fide or sister companies may register. The conference is set to start on Dec 14, 2012. The registered teams include: Samuel Farm, Al Tazaj Restaurant, Baskin & Robins, Kuwait Transcontinental Shipping, Kuwait Flour Mills & Bakeries, Kuwait Engineering, Movenpick Hotel, 1st Kuwaiti, Fish Market Restaurant and Save Co.

By: Valiya S. Sajjad

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