Protect Egypt, us from Brotherhood

THE proclamation of the recent Egyptian Constitution failed to take Egypt to 1952 when some military officers revolted against King Farouq and instead Cairo has drifted into age of the Pharaohs. This day the leader felt he was ‘god’. He felt his authority was unquestionable and people should bow in front of him like slaves and rule according to his whims and desires. So be it as it may. This is the kind of impression people have on their minds — people who monitor the state of affairs in Egypt. President Muhammad Morsy seems to have trapped the country in the palms of his hands and will not hesitate to outdo all dictators in history.

Every Egyptian leader who enjoyed popular support more than Dr Morsy had never dreamt of emulating the Pharaohs, not even (former president) Jamal Abdul-Nasser who desired to have absolute power. Morsy’s decisions have taken the country to the brink of catastrophe — the country which throughout the crisis had managed to run its affairs without being forced to shut down its establishments — neither financial nor judiciary — not even public services, during the peak of the crisis last February.

In fact, none of the leaders had ever dared to meddle with the judiciary or impose ‘himself’ as a supreme leader with absolute authority, one is not content with any constitutional authority. Morsy has not only turned against the state but also himself. His vows to protect the establishments and bring equality and social justice to all walks of life in Egypt appears to have been hastily slaughtered by the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in an attempt to establish ‘absolute Brotherhood rule’, which does not differ much from the regime in Iran, where the religious supreme leader is the actual ruler and the head of the republic is just a tool to execute decisions.

The Brotherhood movement which had taken an obscure position at the beginning of the revolution, later took center stage when it success became imminent. It took every opportunity to hijack the revolution and took credit for everything. The evil intentions became known when the group announced it won’t vie for the presidency and ended up nominating three candidates to ensure at least one of them will occupy the presidential palace of the ‘new’ Egypt.

Indeed, ‘they clung together in order to be able...’, and when they got what they wanted they lay their hands on the establishments to create a separate rule to whet the appetite of the leaders of the group and began appointing their ‘kin’ in high-ranking positions to wrest control of the state institutions. Here is the complete ‘Brotherhood’ Egypt tailored to suit Morsy’s Constitution to angry response from the people, the Egypt which has increased our grief and sorrow.

However, we also appreciate the actions of Morsy and those around him for unveiling their true faces. The Brotherhood has taught everyone important lessons, particularly those who were fascinated by them reaching power not only in Kuwait, but in all GCC countries because the evil hands of the Brotherhood can be felt in every authority.

The ‘February 2012’ nullified National Assembly was just one sample of what was lurking around the corner. This Assembly driven by the ideals of ‘Brotherhood’ group had started proposing laws based on revenge, exclusion and restricting the freedoms of the people with the intention of dominating all authorities even if it means through intimidation of the judiciary, something which is unprecedented in our country.

Everyone in Kuwait has finally realized the danger of what the group was trying to achieve. Kuwait was not the only one, in the UAE the group tried to create chaos and cause destruction. This is the part and parcel of its strategy in GCC states.

However, under the watchful eyes of the security authorities and by the grace of Almighty Allah, their plans were foiled and UAE saved itself from the difficult ordeal. We are not exaggerating when we say the group grabs opportunities with both hands to achieve its goals. If there is someone out there betting on political reconciliation with that group should take Egypt as an example, a country which is submerged under unilateral leadership decisions that can end in chaos and violence.

This is a warning for those who are fascinated by their ideals, not only in Kuwait, the UAE or Jordan, but in every Arab country. In a way the Kuwaitis have isolated them. They have no place here apart from the social media networks where they can inject their poison, something which makes it imperative for them to be isolated and cut off from the rest of the Arab world.

The events which followed the announcement of the Constitution reminds me of the Jewish legendary story, which says Egypt will be a victim of major sedition, which will start with the assassination of its fourth leader, who will be called Mohammad and war will spread among its people.
Does Dr Mohammad Morsy want the Egyptians and Arabs to believe the Jewish legend? The first salvo towards this reality has been fired by his actions, something which will make us believe in more such legendary stories?

We pray to Allah to protect Egypt from all evil and selfish ideals of the Muslim Brotherhood Group and their dictatorial tendencies. We also pray to Allah to protect the Gulf countries and its people from the group’s destructive plans.

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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