Kuwait, your dignity is protected

OUR street revolutionaries have adopted a new tickling slogan. Is there any slogan which tickles common street people more than the transgression of dignity? Is there any dignity bigger or greater than that of the nation? If we take a closer look on the issue, we will realize that some of these revolutionaries have also transgressed the dignity of the nation and its people. Our astonishment over the issue has not enraged some of those who now cling to the ‘dignity of the nation’ slogan. This gives us the right to express our bafflement while asking ourselves: Why didn’t your rage and dignity erupt when some of you betrayed a third of the Kuwaitis?

Why didn’t you rant and rave for the dignity of our country’s symbol and our flag when one of you referred to it as a ‘rug’? Why didn’t you get enraged when some of you violated the sanctity of the Parliament building by storming into it on the so-called Black Wednesday last year?

I can cite volumes of the crimes they have committed against this country and its dignity, as well as the dignity of its children, citizens, leadership and sovereignty. When I read about what citizens of rich and more advanced countries have been going through, I felt really sad for what the arrogant revolutionaries have done to us.

In Spain — we thank Allah for eliminating our evil rule over it — the judiciary is said to have issued forced eviction notices to 247,188 citizens due to their failure to pay the housing loans they obtained from banks since the emergence of the global financial crisis in 2008. Some organizations have released reports mentioning higher figures; claiming more than 400,000 Spaniards have received forced eviction notices. This enormous economic disaster has prompted a 53-year-old woman to take her own life. She reportedly jumped from the balcony of a four-storey building after the police officers forced her out of her own house due to non-payment of loan. Two weeks ago, another citizen committed suicide in the City of Granada for the same reason. This disaster has sparked angry protests in various Spanish towns where the people demanded quick solutions while raising placards with the words, ‘She did not commit suicide, she was killed!’ These demonstrations have prompted one of the Spanish police labor unions to suspend the implementation of unfair eviction notices from the court. Several judges have also expressed objection to the forced eviction law and demanded its amendment. On the other hand, members of the labor union of blacksmiths have refused to break the doors of houses whose owners are covered by the law.

Meanwhile, around 2.4 million elderly in Germany are in dire need of good welfare programs. It seems difficult to envisage a prosperous country like Germany, which has a huge economy, lacking the ability to provide for the needs of the elderly in a dignified manner. Some elderly Germans have allegedly migrated to countries in East Europe, Africa and Asia to seek for social care programs that fit their budget. The cost of social care programs for the elderly in these countries does not exceed their monthly pension of 1,200 Euros; compared to Germany where the same services cost more than 4,000 Euros! Many elderly Germans have migrated to the Czech Republic, Thailand and Uganda where the cost of elderly care does not exceed their low retirement pay but the problem is that the caregivers in these countries do not speak their language.
My beloved citizens, HH the late Amir of Kuwait Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad issued a law, in the absence of the National Assembly, which completely prohibits the implementation of the forced eviction law on private homes to safeguard the dignity of the citizens. Kuwait’s pension package is the most generous in the whole world and its elderly citizens do not spend even a single fil for the social care program. In spite of all these benefits, they still dare talk about the dignity of the nation!

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By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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