Residence transfer from Project Visa

I was working on a construction project. Now my contract has been completed. I have spent 2 years and 8 months with my current company including the notice period.
I want to know whether I can get a local transfer to another company. I am a B.Sc graduate.
One more option I like to know about: if my visa can’t be transferred, can my wife apply for a visit visa for me to come back to Kuwait after cancellation of my current visa.
My wife’s salary is KD 350; so far I haven’t got any job offer. I want to stay here and try to get a job.

Name withheld
: You should have no problems in getting a transfer if you manage to get a job.
Secondly, your wife can get a visit visa for you but you must remember that you will not be able to transfer the visit visa to work visa.
The only transfers allowed from visit visa are for infants.
So, even if you get a job you will have to get a work visa, leave the country and return on the new document.

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