Behbehani calls for rethink in education Al-Duwailah hits opposition

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 13: Former MP and candidate from the Fourth Constituency Nasser Al-Duwailah says Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah had made many concessions to the opposition but the opposition was not only ungrateful but trampled upon his government.

Al-Duwailah added the opposition not only failed to comply with the Constitution but rejected the standing orders of the National Assembly and focused only on their agenda away from the country’s interests “taking advantage of the weaknesses of the government.”

He stressed the country is governed by HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah “and not the opposition which was plotting against the Constitution and democracy.”

He indicated in every democracy there is a government and an opposition, “but the opposition in this country has transformed truth into a lie.” He added, HH the Amir has exercised his constitutional right to reduce the number of votes and the next Parliament has the right to look into the decree of necessity and can turn it down or approve it.

He added he opposes the ‘one man one vote’ formula but respects the Amiri decree which is constitutionally issue. He says he has to obey the Constitution and stressed the opposition members are misleading the people by saying the decree was a coup against the Constitution and to establish an autocratic rule in the country.

Second Constituency candidate Mustafa Yaqoub Behbehani said the Kuwaiti society is in need of enhancing the educational program that would match the educational outputs with the requirements of the labor market to grant more job opportunities for citizens especially in the private sector and stop the problem of unemployment.

He stressed on the need to lay down serious training programs for graduates to give them better opportunity in the labor market. Behbehani said the educational apparatus in Kuwait needs some changes to achieve the desired goals and aspirations of Kuwaiti students and promised to exert more efforts through constructive ideas that can contribute to raise the standard of education in Kuwait.

He said “though modern technology has been introduced into Kuwaiti schools, we still need more study that would enable us to deal effectively with these modern machines.”

He singled out the problem of private lessons and lack of connection between the parents and the teacher. “So we need programs that would support the relationship with the families who have academic problems with their children.

Touching on the trend of violence in the schools, Behbehani said this trend is escalating to such an extent surveillance cameras had to be installed in some schools “though some experts have opposed this move saying we live in a democratic country, I see it necessary to address the trend of violence in a good manner and introduce programs to contain this phenomenon.”

He says although the state spends enough money on education, the academic performance from nursery to the university has not achieved the desired goals and aspirations. This is in addition to the lack of creativity due to the interference of politicians in the educational decision-making.

Meanwhile, former MP and candidate from the Fifth Constituency Esam Salman Al-Dabous has announced his intention to nominate himself for the post of Speaker of the next the Parliament.
He said, “If I win the parliamentary elections, then my next step is the post of Speaker of Parliament and I will nominate myself and by the grace of God I will succeed.”

Earlier, former MP Nasser Al-Duwailah had also expressed his desire to contest the post of Speaker. This is in addition to former Ali Al-Rashid who will also vie for that position.

In another development, the Criminal Court Tuesday postponed to Nov 27, 2012, to look into the case of former MPs Falah Al-Sawagh, Khaled Al-Tahous and Badr Al-Dahoum.

The MPs are accused of offending HH the Amir during an opposition seminar which was held at the Diwaniya of former MP Salem Al-Namlan. They were detained for five days last month before being released on bail of KD 5,000 each.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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