Kuwaiti to die in Saudi’s murder ‘It was will of God’ ... Efforts on for forgiveness

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 12: The e-newspaper Sabak of Saudi Arabia said the General Court in Makkah Saudi Arabia has sentenced to death a Kuwaiti pilgrim who is implicated in the murder of a Saudi man in the neighborhood of Al-Gasala in Makkah during the pilgrimage season last year, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

The newspaper added the Kuwaiti showed his remorse at the Maabda Metropolitan Police Station detention center. He said he did not intend to kill anyone rather he had come to Saudi Arabia to perform the pilgrimage for Allah, but the will of Allah wanted this to happen — this tragic incident.

The e-newspaper added after the issuance of the Islamic ruling by the judge the court in Makkah said the Kuwaiti pilgrim did not object to the verdict but he was crying and wailing and was sad.

He then appealed to the people and well-wishers to intervene and mediate to rescue him although he had confessed to the statements in court.

Case papers say the Kuwaiti pilgrim last year was involved in a quarrel in Saudi Arabia in a suburb of Gasala near Makkah resulting in the death of the Saudi youth following which the suspect surrendered to the security authorities after attempting to resuscitate the victim.

The e-newspaper said the Kuwaiti pilgrim was shocked and stunned when told by doctors at the Emergency Ward of King Faisal Hospital that the youth who had been hospitalized had died.
He added he had tried to resuscitate and save the dead man but it was the will of God that this had to happen.

The e-newspaper says Saudi Arabia had earlier contacted the victim’s father and he stated the Saudi Islamic ruling should be carried out. He added, ‘This is the law of God and there is no objection to the verdict. I am waiting for the implementation of the verdict.”

When the e-newspaper contacted the family members of the Kuwaiti suspect, it said they were psychologically shattered. They are awaiting the intervention of good-hearted mediators.
The e-newspaper said many families in such incidents are known to have waived such punishments.
The former Kuwaiti ambassador in Riyadh Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al-Ali and embassy staff are pursuing this issue and have also paid a visit to the family of the deceased to ask for forgiveness.


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