Rental problem faced by an expat

I am living in Rabia with my family in a Kuwaiti house on the roof in a separate two rooms flat. All the other members are also foreigners. The landlord lives in a separate house in another block. My contract started from August 2008 and doesn’t have any expiry date.
My landlord called me on August 2012 to vacate the flat within one month. As I needed time, I went to the rental court in Riggae and filed a case against him and started paying rent in the court. I paid the rent for the months of September and October in the court.
Now my landlord called me again and told me to drop the case and bring the rent from the court and pay him as usual and he will give me a receipt but I have to vacate the flat within two or three months.

My questions are:
1. What is the Kuwait law if the landlord wants me to vacate the flat? Is it a six months’ notice which he is ready to give me or is it a 3 months’ notice without rent?
2. Is the law implemented on Kuwaiti houses also?
3. Can he ask me to vacate before the 5-year contract period is over because someone told me that this contract is useless if your are living in a Kuwaiti house?
4. What is the last step I can take because I don’t want to leave the flat as it is cheap for KD 100 a month only?
5. If he threatens me and continues to ask me to leave the flat which he already done once, and if I agree to vacate after the six months’ notice period is over, I am not interested in paying the rent for the last one or two months before vacating as flat shifting is very expensive. Also the landlord gave a two-month notice, without rent to the previous family living in this flat. And secondly, in this whole 4 years period he has never provided any maintenance. Can I do this? What does the law state? I don’t have the money to hire a lawyer.

Name withheld
: First of all such rental contracts are not valid because Kuwaitis can’t rent out their private homes nor are you allowed to stay in Kuwaiti residential areas. You are both violating the law.
But now that both have made this ‘mistake’, the Kuwaiti has the right to have his house vacated. The normal notice period, according to the law, is 3 months WITH the rent. If the landlord so desires he can waive the rent but it is NOT your right. There are some landlords who give a year’s notice and don’t take the rent for that period but this is at the landlord’s discretion. You have no way out but to vacate the flat.

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