Amir sets firm, settled course for the future Done ... and we are delighted oh our guardian

YOU have spared us the trouble, oh Your Highness. You have given the nation relief. You eased the burden of everyone under the sky of Kuwait when you reiterated the need to adhere to the constitutional establishment and respect whatever is issued through it. The youths have deeply contemplated your words, while inscribing in their hearts that Kuwait is a nation of institutions, not the thieves’ nest no matter how far their transgression goes, and not a poultry farm regardless of the color of the peacock’s feathers!

Your high-minded speech to the citizens, who renewed their allegiance to you and to the Al-Sabah family, has illustrated the features of a firm and settled course for the future, in the same manner a sagacious captain does when navigating the ship towards safety. Through the instructions in every speech you have made, you have strengthened the security fence to confront the new masked invaders.

The people of Kuwait look up to you. Amidst their worries, you said the spirit of one family hovers above them with its close ties to unite them; always working hand in hand, generation after generation, for the sake of Kuwait — their motherland; for the sake of its pride and glory as manifested in our sincere belief in our true religion and our well-established norms, as well as firm adherence to the Constitution, laws and principles of mutual respect.

Here it is, the State of institutions is docking majestically on the anchorage of the Constitution with half a century of pioneering experience in democracy based on certain principles. Historic experiences have made the nation strong.

Your speech made the hearts look before the eyes, and brains listened before the ears; especially when you pointed out that ‘’We remain committed to our promise to preserve Kuwait and hand it over to our children and grandchildren before we leave’’.

Your speech reflected the minds of the best of your people who have never slackened in their devotion to the State of institutions. The nation’s flame is you, oh Your Highness. You have repeatedly emphasized the need to practice democracy properly and respect the separation of authorities. Kuwaitis fully understand your speech, so they have renewed their loyalty to the Seif Palace, as they have publicly announced they will not settle for anything than the palace as the house of leadership and their refuge.
Didn’t their grandfathers and fathers assemble around your father, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber, in 1938? At the time, he confronted a rebellious internal movement led by few greedy individuals. When the country was still young, he consolidated the pillars of the constitutional State as he conducted the first election, through which Kuwait gave birth to independence, Constitution and democracy that we enjoy at the moment. Aren’t they the ones who supported him when countered and quelled the irritating noise made by the Iraqi palace under the reign of King Ghazi who propagated the idea of Kuwait being part of Iraq?
The wisdom of your brother, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad, gathered the people of Kuwait under one flag in the face of invaders, which resulted to the liberation and unshaken loyalty of Kuwaitis to the Al-Sabah family as the leaders of this country.

Oh our guardian, you are not far from the historic path followed by your forefathers and brothers, particularly the decisive and wise actions you have taken to eliminate the seditious movement, which includes people bent on dragging Kuwait towards chaos and destruction. This is in addition to your commitment to lead the country towards safety, in order to start its third journey based on the rule of establishment and separation between authorities, to strictly implement the Constitution and laws, and to eliminate corruption and depravity.

Here is Kuwait, oh your Highness ... delighted to renew allegiance to you and to the leadership of Al-Sabah family with a voice piercing through the skies, announcing its sincere loyalty of being at HH the Amir’s command, as he has navigated the country safely; away from sinking in greed of individuals with ‘peacock’ adventures.

The short-sighted aggravators, blinded by their selfishness and narrow interests, are being controlled by external destructive groups whose plans, behaviors and culture have been exposed to everyone. These people have been attacking the State symbols in a desperate attempt to deflate institutions and terrorize citizens because they have misconstrued the humility of HH the Amir as a sign of weakness.

Your speech has cut off the road of the pirates of politics and interests. They are keen on dragging the country towards chaos. The good people of Kuwait, after reaffirming their allegiance to you, confirmed there is no palace of rule except the Seif Palace; not the fake palaces built through the false pride of ‘peacocks’ in Khaldiya, Rawda, Andalus, Keifan or in some animal pens where the followers of Abu-Jahal and Abu-Lahab conspire at night to draft vicious plans in compliance with the instructions of the destructive brotherhood.

Oh Your Highness, whatever came with the seat-thirsty group is not part of our culture. Our country is not used to the culture of transgression, particularly in disputes as they have demonstrated; in addition to the culture of mobilizing people just to realize their void objectives. The country is not used to the language of caste, creed, sectarian and tribal instigations, including the exploitation of the have-nots by the haves. By Allah, the culture of hate, promoted by the transgression group that has gone astray, is not part of our norms, history and environment. Fortunately, everything fell into the right place when you put the Constitution and laws as a way forward; along with a decisive step which has prevented anyone from crossing the red line.

Now, everyone in Kuwait sleeps peacefully as they are no longer worried about some foolish politicians. The wheel of the ship is in hands of the sagacious captain — a statesman who respects all institutions and a wise commander who fears no one in the face of justice.

You have comforted us, oh Your Highness, and we pray to Allah to ease your burden and give you peace of mind. May He prolong the life of this nation under your wise rule. You have comforted us and the next generations, since you have assuaged fears of cloning the devilish Nasrallah behind our backs to hijack the country and push it towards the tunnels of his interests. Indeed, you have calmed our nerves and gladdened our souls through your resolutions and directives. You have restored hope for better a tomorrow for Kuwait and its people.

Thank you, Your Highness, we say it loudly because you have taken the country away from the dark destiny that the noisy owls, which survive only in the ruins, want for us.

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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