Kuwaitis and expatriates watch the fireworks display during the celebrations of Kuwait’s 50th Constitution anniversary.
Celebrations touch people’s emotions Fireworks display focuses on 5 chapters

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 11: As Kuwait celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the signing of the Constitution with the biggest fireworks show in the world; it did so with 77,282 fireworks used in the hour long programme, a significant 12,000 fireworks more than the former record holder. A representative of Guinness World Records was present to verify the feat and announced the triumph shortly after the end of the display.

The celebration which took place on one of the biggest stages – the sea, had several thousands gather at Kuwait’s Gulf Corniche. Giant balloons paraded through the street, aerobatic planes soared through the sky and elegant kites glided the sea flown by jet-skis in the afternoon. But the main event, a firework display with lasers, lights synchronized to music started after dark.

The display was choreographed to original music and focused on five chapters, pride, heritage, freedom, constitution and prosperity each chapter containing its own unique show elements.

“We started with the heritage of Kuwait, referencing the pearl divers and people from the desert then we moved on to the pride of Kuwait with the red display and flames to highlight the sentiment. Then comes freedom, which Kuwait has regained, the chapter of the constitution is a bit more serious to highlight its value and importance. From there, we look at prosperity and the future which is represented by a glorious golden sky,” the event organisers said.

Light cubes 20 meters above sea level dominated the ocean with flames, lights and laser effects, while the show saw the return of the balloon parade through the Gulf Road, the aerobatic show, and the jet-ski kites with added pyro effects.

The audience had access to watch the show from all areas of the Corniche via huge sail screens spread throughout the beach, billboard screens along the Gulf Road or alternatively live from home on Kuwait TV.

The mega event is the sum of the efforts of over 200 crew members who built all the structures on the sea; providing lighting, sound and projections for the audience. The show’s design took three to four weeks of preparation and the last two days were reserved for fine-tuning, a senior official from the organizing company informed. From roman candles to butterflies and splendid shells, many of the products used were made exclusively for the show.

The technology is overwhelming, 48 projectors, 1,400 km of cables and over 450 lights are just a few numbers of the various elements involved.  “From the fireworks to the lights, lasers and music; everything is studied before with simulations run on computers and synchronized to enhance the experience,”the organiser said. 

According to the show’s producers, nothing was improvised or left to chance, but everything had been studied meticulously, “It is not just fireworks, it is much more than that. We have tried to touch the people and their emotions. All this work and technology is for emotions.”


By: Cinatra Fernandes Arab Times Staff

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