Three young Kuwaiti women among 5 killed in accidents 13 injured in weekend mayhem on roads

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 10: Several road accidents were reported over the weekend, resulting in the death of five motorists and injuries to 13 others.
Two young Kuwaiti women died in a two-vehicle collision at the intersection between Shamiya and Kaifan when the driver of a public bus violated traffic signal and smashed into the car. The accident also caused injuries to five road users who were taken to Amiri Hospital. The remains of the two Kuwaitis were referred to Forensics.
A case was registered and investigations are in progress to determine the actual circumstances leading to the accident.
In an unrelated incident, a young Bedoun and his grandmother died in an accident on Salmi Road, while two unidentified motorists are said to have sustained serious injuries. The bodies of the Bedoun and his grandmother were referred to Forensics and the injured were rushed to a nearby hospital.
A 24-year-old Kuwaiti woman died when her car overturned on King Fahad Road, opposite Juliya. Her remains were taken to Forensics.
Four Iranians and two Asians suffered injuries in different parts of their bodies when the cars they were riding rammed into each other on the Fourth Ring Road, opposite Riqqa. They are now confined at Farwaniya Hospital.
It is worth mentioning that firefighters, paramedics and securitymen were dispatched to the accident locations immediately after the Operations Room received information; thereby, saving a number of lives.

Egyptian robbed: An Egyptian filed a complaint with police against four unidentified persons who allegedly broke into his room at a workers accommodation in Jahra Industrial Area and stole a mobile phone and KD920 from him.
The complainant told police the thieves entered his room by force, beat him and snatched his phone and money. He was taken to Jahra Hospital as he sustained injuries in various parts of his body after the attack.
A case was registered and investigations are ongoing to arrest the suspects. 

Liquor seized: Security operatives attached to the Farwaniya Command apprehended two Asians in possession of 11 bottles of local brew. The officers have since referred the suspects to the relevant authority for legal procedures.

Nine arrested: As they intensify security campaign to rid Ahmadi governorate of criminal activities, security operatives from the Ahmadi directorate have arrested nine people for various criminal offenses, as well as civil and residency law violators. All culprits have been handed over to the concerned authorities for appropriate action.

‘Not allowed’: Security operatives arrested two youths who entered a restricted zone at Sebiyya to hunt for birds.
Officials at the zone notified security operatives about the presence of the youths and they rushed to the location to arrest them. They were detained in Jahra police station, but the investigation officer later released them after interrogation.

Car on fire: Firefighters from Mangaf Fire Station were able to extinguish a fire that broke out in a car as a result of an electric short circuit.
The officers rushed to scene after receiving a distress call in that regard, and they managed to contain the fire without recording any loss of life or property. A case was registered.
In another incident, fire engulfed a camp near Kabad Road recently. No casualties were reported.
When the Operations Room of Fire Service Directorate received information about the camp on fire, firefighters rushed to the location and extinguished the fire.
Investigations revealed that an unknown individual intentionally set the fire.
The owner of the camp was summoned to the police station for interrogations.

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