Decree of necessity issued by Amir a wise step: Enezi ‘5th’ candidate urges to ignore poll boycott calls

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 10: Former MP and candidate of the fourth constituency Khudhair Al-Enezi says the decree of necessity issued by HH the Amir to modify the voting system is a wise intervention that was done in a timely manner, reports Al-Seyassah daily.
In a press statement issued after he registered his name as the candidate of the fourth constituency, he said, “We should surmount the current crisis and step forward with the trust of citizens in the constitutional institutions. We should stop issuing speeches of disloyalty.”
He went on to say, “It is not logical to link what is currently happening with the incidents that occurred in 1986 when the parliament was dissolved unconstitutionally. That phase can be described as an upheaval against the Constitution through suspension of its articles and close observation of the media.”
He added, “It is not legal to describe what is currently happening as an upheaval against Constitution as the bid for elections was made within the constitutional grace period and issuance of the decree of necessity is the constitutional right of HH the Amir.”
Rakan bin Hethelen, candidate of the Fifth Constituency, bid the Kuwaiti nation to ignore the calls for boycotting the parliamentary elections, indicating that such boycotts paved way for several bad situations in other countries since the opposition group takes advantage of the lack of participation by other groups to dominate the countries.
He said, “To escape from problems is not a wise man’s characteristic because he will always show perseverance in achieving his target through available legal means.”
He added, “Kuwait is not the only country in the world that runs its parliamentary elections based on the one-vote-per-voter system.”
In the same context, sources pointed out that several Kuwaiti citizens are expressing their relief over the absence of the nullified 2012 parliamentary majority bloc members from the elections through jokes on the calls for boycott which they post on their accounts in Twitter website.
They also thanked HH the Amir for issuing the decree of necessity to approve the one-vote system as this decree helped in removing the masks of troublemakers.
They further thanked the campaign ‘Boycott Elections’ because through such campaigns, the country realizes the nature of such provokers of escalation.
Meanwhile, Saleh Mohammad Al-Enezi, candidate of the Fourth Constituency, insisted on carrying a picture of former MP Musallam Al-Barrak with him when he registered his name in the Elections Department, to indicate he is representing Al-Barrak.

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