Fireworks light up the sky near the Kuwait Towers as Kuwait celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Constitution Saturday.
KUWAIT CELEBRATES 50 YEARS OF CONSTITUTIONAL RULE Amir calls for consolidating democracy

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 10, (KUNA): His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah addressed the citizens of Kuwait on Saturday on the 50th anniversary of promulgation of Kuwait Constitution, calling for national unity, maintaining and appreciating democracy, national resources, renouncing sedition and respecting the judicial system.

HH the Amir said “for the sake of a better future so the homeland may be bestowed with further prosperity and higher international status, so the citizens may be bestowed with greater political freedoms, equality and social justice, so the trait of the Arab spirit as to individual dignity  and out of keenness on the welfare of the society and shura of ruling with the view to safeguarding the unity and stability of the homeland.

“Dear sons and daughters of the homeland: Words of enlightenment had been uttered by the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, the former Amir of the country, on this day 50 years ago, making illustrated summary about the reasons of issuance of the Constitution.

“The Constitution was issued with inspiration from those who were honored by the Almighty in His Holy Book that says ruling is based on consultation, in consolidation of traits of the natives of Kuwait throughout the generations, as close brothers bound by unity of vision, common destiny within the framework of true faith and belief in our Holy Islam, our basic principles, genuine values depicting the spirit of the united family.

“Today, while I congratulate our dear homeland and you all on this ever-lasting occasion, I recall with you provisions of the Constitution that came as embodiment of the natives’ principles and values, the basis of the security of the homeland, and the real guarantee for stability of the political system of Kuwait, under shadow of which freedoms and democracy are being practiced as a means for construction and accomplishment for sake of supporting the society and boosting its might and uniting its ranks.

“In this regard, we ought to express gratitude to personalities credited with establishing the regulated parliamentary system, laying its foundations with guidance by the predecessors who paved the path for this objective, issuing a comprehensive Constitution that was worded with great efforts, sweat, enlightened thinking; it will remain our ever-lasting source of pride for all of us.

“We have lived for five decades with parliamentary activities, with favorable and unfavorable outcomes, and for sake of picking the fruits of our parliamentary marsh; we have to safeguard our experience with objective assessment, constructive self-criticism. It’s not wrong that defects may exist, but it’s wrong to neglect such flaws and be complacent as to tackle them.

“Yes, we understand disagreements on the means of resolving our issues. We accept criticism and advice for promoting our institutions.

We not only welcome but call for accountability and questioning any official regarding any shortcoming or flaw or misuse of public funds, law breaches. We should all cooperate for serving the interest of our country. This is our joint and national preoccupation. With rationalization, we can tackle our problems.
“Securing of our democratic march warrants a balanced approach for tackling matters. This should be based on well-calculated predictions, sound judgment and abstention from irrational acts.

“We have seen what other nations and peoples have gone through, they have been blinded by fanaticism and ignorance, thus their unity has been jeopardized with seditions and they have become victims of annihilation and havoc.

“I will not repeat what I have warned of before. We will never forget that Kuwait is precious and no one can sense value of the bounty unless he loses it.

HH the Amir cited a Quranic verse urging mankind to consider the countless riches bestowed by the heavens, and a saying by Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) urging the faithful to abstain from greed.
“States that enjoy shadows of freedoms, constitution, laws, institutions, elected councils, enjoy free media, possess constitutional means for auditing and supervision, rule by patriotic spirit.

“We need to re-consider the meaning of the great parliamentary oath, a lot of misconceptions, distorted charters, which have been used by some to impose them as de facto realities.

“Preoccupations and concerns of the public must reach the institutions, instead of dragging the institutions to the street.

“While we affirm confidence in the intentions of all citizens and their right for expressing their views, we are not alone on the arena, for there are interests, objectives among enemies of this homeland. We tend not to believe that our children may allow themselves to be tools and fuel for (seditions) without being aware.

“It is rather necessary from a rational and sound perspective to try to identify the party that may benefit from exposing the country to chaos and troubles. We wonder where this chaos may lead to. Let’s fear God for the sake of our homeland and families.

“Dear brothers, the great and most crucial challenge is democracy which bolsters and not undermines security, boosts accomplishments rather than jeopardize them. The freedoms we aspire to boost stability and do not threaten them. Unify the ranks and enrich dialogue.

“There shall be no security and stability as alternative to freedoms and democracy; they are a single entity that constitutes a basic guarantee for the security and stability of the society. We in this respect should take lessons from the states ruled by dictatorships.

“Our most important achievement is this historic event, our democratic experience, represented by the woman attaining her political franchise for elections and nomination, which is complementary of her vital role in making and bolstering the Kuwaiti society.

“At a time we boast our democratic achievement, we affirm our pride of our judiciary renowned for integrity and trust. It is the secured garrison and strong fence that ensures that justice is served, thus we must all abide by its rulings and respect its independence and no-one should try to interfere in its tasks any any-way.”

My dear brothers and beloved compatriot: Caring for our youth is neither an uttered and repeated slogan or phrases in speeches, nor school, club or an institution built here or there. Our youth are the basic resource of the present and hope of the future. Caring starts from the family and extends to the school and the whole society. There is a great responsibility on our shoulders to plant in them loyalty to and sacrifice for the country and prioritizing its interests. We have a responsibility to promote the values of tolerance, love and cooperation among our youth and counter carelessness and chaos, and also promote abidance by law, responsible freedoms, enhance the spirit of work, production and creativity.
If we failed to raise our youth well, the price will be dear. All of us will be blamed if we left them prey to the hands of mischief and destruction.

They are futile soil and empty pots that could be filled with the poisons of illusion and mischief if we failed to fill them with right thoughts and incentives for reform, creativeness and hard-work.
“We have to be aware of the size of the growing dangers in the whole region and that shrapnel of these dangers are falling around us. We have to better monitor the events taking place around us with a far sight thinking and a thorough study to be able to avoid their evils and their negative impacts.”
“My dear sons and daughters: marking this noble anniversary coincides with the start of the procedures of the election of the 14th parliamentary session. As I emphasize that importance of ballot casting which is a national duty, I want to urge all dear compatriots to better choose their representatives to be able to shoulder this responsibility and achieve aspirations and hopes and the prominence of our dear country.
“We are a stage abundant with challenges with which leniency and the absence of strong and firm will is unacceptable. It also obliges better employment of our time, great potential and refrain from anything that wastes our time and potential to reach a new aspired positive era which restores confidence in our constitutional institutions, embodies team and collective work, respects different opinions and based on the law.

An era whose goal is comprehensive development to achieve justice and equality which takes into consideration the legislative goals, feasibility and workability and at the same time enhances our national security and reform economy and upgrade public services.” “In this context, our national march can’t be completed without a positive responsible role from media organizations. So, we ask all media outlets — press, radio and TV — to show the responsible freedom which protects the national constants, avoid malicious calls, and push hard towards achieving the two great objectives of reform and development.

“Dear brothers and sons: “Yes, the responsibility is great and the burden is heavy, but we, with the help of Allah, are able to shoulder it with confidence, determination and firmness guided by the teachings of our religion, keeping our values and constants and abide by law, fairness and justice, keep ourselves away from partisan bias, conflict and personal interests, learn from lessons of history, work as one hand for the interests of our dear country and to prioritize the higher national interests it.”

HH the Amir concluded his speech with praying to Almighty God to protect Kuwait from all evils.

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