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My son, who is 1-year-old (an infant) is on a visit visa with his mother. His mother is already on Article No. 22 (family visa). My son’s visit visa will expire on Nov 8, 2012.
I am willing to convert his visit visa into Article No. 22, but I have to renew my own residence in the first week of November. And due to this matter, I have doubts that I will an additional few days to convert my son’s visa into residence.
My question is, will there be any problem if I am a little late in converting his visa or must I get his residence before the 3-month visa expires, which is Nov 8, 2012?

Name withheld
You must convert his residence before the child becomes illegal. In fact you should apply immediately ... at the most you will be told that you need to get your residence renewed. You can, once you get the permission, at least start the procedures.
We don’t know why you delayed getting your own residence. You should have done that already. It doesn’t take more than 1 day. Do all this without further delay or you could run into problems.

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