Map showing locations where the celebrations will be held.
Stage set to celebrate Kuwait’s 50th Constitution anniversary Border Security to partake in celebrations

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9, (Agencies): The Kuwait Ministry of Interior’s Assistant Undersecretary for Borders Security Major General Mohammad Al-Youssef announced Friday that Border Security will participate effectively in celebrations of the 50th Constitution anniversary.

In a press statement, Al-Youssef said that the Border Security Department and Kuwait Fire Service have started a series of security measures on coastal areas to secure Kuwaiti people celebrations of 50th anniversary of the ratification of the State Constitution.

Al-Youssef urged beach goers who want to watch the planned festive celebrations of Golden Jubilee of the Constitution to cooperate with police and coast guards and to stay a distance not less than 100 meters of vessels of coast guards.

He noted that the Border Security will largely participate effectively in marking the important event in Kuwait history.

Various zones marked along the Gulf Road.

Kuwaiti Constitution pays great attention to the economic requirements of Kuwait as modern state and prioritizes social justice, two Kuwaiti economists said Friday.

In statements to KUNA on the occasion of Kuwait’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution, economist Nasser Al-Merri said this occasion is a reminder of the importance of this Constitution which guides the State of Kuwait to a better future.

Kuwait’s Constitution was issued on Nov 11, 1962 by a decree from the then-Amir Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, the 11th ruler of Kuwait, he pointed out.

Al-Merri noted that the articles of the Constitution did not ignore the national economy and social justice, adding that the Constitution is not less important that the natural resources it has.

“The Constitution outlined the economic, political and social features of the state,” he stressed.
For his part, Abeljalel Pouland said the Kuwaiti Constitution is based on democracy.

In similar statements to KUNA, Bouland urged all compatriots to abide by democratic approach and to give priority to the state’s higher interests.

The two economists agreed that the Constitution has enshrined all required measures to achieve economic development, increase production, raise the standard of living and achieve prosperity for all citizens.

Earlier on Thursday afternoon, the Minister of Information held a press conference to announce the details of the celebration that will take place on Saturday to commemorate Kuwait’s 50th Constitution Day.

Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah stated that the celebration will take place starting 2:30 pm and will end at 10:00 pm. He added that 25 different companies and organizations had been involved in the planning of the events of the day, and over 1,000 young Kuwaitis had volunteered for the day, to serve refreshments, provide information, brochures, etc. The celebration would see a great deal of surprises, most notably one in which the Guinness World Record would be presented to witness the breaking of a record unfold at the celebration.

The KD 4.163 million budgeted celebration would see surprises taking places in the sea, sky and land. Moreover, printouts of the Constitution would be disseminated, and a commemorative coin has been released by the Central Bank of Kuwait.

The Gulf Road was closed beginning Friday night at 9 pm from the Shaab intersection to the Dasman palace intersection, as well as on the day of the celebration.

The celebration is taking place from the Kuwait Towers to Green Island over nine phases spread over 4.5 km, designed to make it easier for families to meet and circulate. All access will be blocked to the Gulf Road except for pedestrian access, and there will be golf carts on the Corniche.

Several pedestrian pick up points are designated around Kuwait marked by yellow squares and denoted on a map that is available on the Ministry of Interior website. These will serve as pick-up points for 80 shuttle buses that will travel from the pick-up points to the Gulf Road and back to deliver people throughout the celebration. It is recommended that people are picked up at the same drop-off point on the Gulf Road once they are exiting, to guarantee reaching the same pick-up point that they were picked up at.

As for the security measures, the coastal area of the sea has been off limits to boats beginning Thursday, and will remain so throughout the celebration. Security forces will be instated through the procession of the Gulf Road, as well as throughout Kuwait and near the pick-up points. There is a specified protection area, as well as a large field hospital, and 24 paramedics available throughout the route. Also, should an emergency occur during the celebration, people are requested to contact the hotline 1880888.

As for broadcasting, before the celebration it is recommended that people tune into Kuwait Television and Radio to learn all the information prior to going and about any events taking place. During the events, there will be screens all along the route to inform people of any messages or announcements during the celebration. There will also be speakers throughout to coordinate the sounds effects with the celebration.

In addition, each zone will have two information booths, providing people with any information or assistance required. Visitors are notified to be aware that there are no benches or chairs available throughout the corniche, but that they may bring chairs of their own.

However, while the area is strictly closed to cars, should an elderly/disabled person wish to be dropped off at a certain point, it is recommended that their families/companions notify those at the information desks for advice. Moreover, people are advised that in mass gatherings anywhere it is common that telecommunication lines are dropped. Should anyone wish to make a phone call, there will be special lines available at the Information Desks. Furthermore, while the celebrations begin at 2:30 pm, it is recommended that people arrive early.

In addition, there will be a special point during the celebration honoring the former late Amir, HH Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, where a recording of his will be played. In addition, the final touches are being added to a Constitution Museum which will be opened. Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah added that the celebration was held in coincidence with the elections to affirm national unity, but that measures had been taken to ensure that elections are not delayed.

Furthermore, concerning current events, Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah reaffirmed the government’s position regarding boycotters, stating that while boycotting is a legitimate right, people should also have a right to vote, and that the government does not hold a personal opinion outside that which is dictated in the law, but that history has proven that the main proponent that loses out from boycotting are the boycotters themselves.

Regarding the Amir’s choice to pass the decree now, whilst there had been those who claimed it was done purposefully to exclude certain people from the decision-making process within parliament, he requested that people (particularly the press) look and analyze the facts as they unfold before they disseminate or suggest certain information, adding that there is a third component within this decision making process, and that is the Administrative Court.

Regarding allegations that the government has been pressuring certain nominees in the upcoming elections, he stated that no illegal measures had been taken to pressure any nominees, but that, speaking for himself, he has personal relations, and these were bound to affect the outcome of events.
Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah added that in the next week an emergency decree would emerge regarding support small businesses in Kuwait, in response to requests for more decrees addressing the issues of young Kuwaitis.

Further, with regards to allegations as to foreign forces instigating tensions in current events, he stated that we live in an age where rumors become truth and the truth is lost, and that his job was simply to state the government’s position and leave analysis to the viewer/listener’s own intellect, but that the friendly relations Kuwait holds with ally countries is a red line, and any elements that attempted to overstep with would be dealt with through the according legal procedures.

Moreover, concerning the allegations that said forces had illegally leaked military information, he stated that this was true, and that legal procedures are already being taken against these forces.

He also confirmed the news that three SMS news services has been suspended by the Ministry of Communications, stating that previously SMS news services have not been monitored and that there is no apparatus to do so as yet, but that one is being developed to ensure the end to the dissemination of incorrect information. He added, however, that while this could be done, the Ministry of Information has no power over the information exchanged on the internet, as this does not fall under their jurisdiction and there is no way to monitor it, and as such it is the responsibility of other sides.

Furthermore, concerning rumors that oppositional members, who have now begun joining the elections and nominating themselves, but are stating that they may also attempt to prevent others from voting, Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah stated that the government welcomes any democratic practices within a legal framework, but that any attempts to work outside this frame would be met with the appropriate legal repercussions.

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