Citizens’ keenness to take part in polls hailed ‘5-Constituency system with 4 votes destroyed country’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9: Former MP and candidate from the Third Constituency Saadoun Hamad Al-Otaibi has hailed the keenness of citizens to take part in the coming parliamentary elections — either through contesting or casting their vote in the elections, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

He said exercising franchise is in line with the citizens’ loyalty to HH the Amir and activation for the constitutional right guaranteed for each citizen by the Constitution.

He said in a press statement those who boycott the elections indirectly give up his/her constitutional right as a citizen. In addition, he said the citizens must support the national development programs.

He added attempts by some individuals to boycott the parliamentary elections are evidence that these individuals feel they may not be able to win the elections if they are deprived of their alliances through the four-vote mechanism.

He went on to say there are considerable reasons for modifying the mechanism of voting to give opportunity for various groups in the society to have representation inside the Parliament that was dominated by certain groups.

He said the key reason behind refusing the decree of necessity is the fear of some individuals of losing their seats.

He indicated the next phase requires positive participation from all citizens to achieve success in these elections to support the desire of HH the Amir and obey his directives to accomplish development for the good of the homeland.

For his part, Moayed Al-Khalaf, candidate from the Fourth Constituency said the 5-constituency system with four votes had destroyed the country. It was the key reason for tribalism and sectarianism. In addition, it served certain groups to monopolize the National Assembly.

He said the one-vote mechanism will put an end to discrimination and give an opportunity for independent candidates to serve the nation. He called upon the opposition to change its stance in the best interests of the country.

During an interview on the Al-Watan satellite TV channel he said the decrees of necessity including the recent decree that has amended the Election Law fall within the constitutional right of HH the Amir according to Article 71.

He reminded those who criticize such decrees that the latter have established the poles of the legal system in the country during conflicts between the executive and legislative authorities when the stability of the country is threatened.

He also urged those who oppose such decrees to resort to the Constitutional Court instead of provoking chaos in the society.

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