Kuwait Towers and some other places along the Gulf Road are lit Friday evening as Kuwait prepares to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Constitution
KUWAIT HOLDS TWO ROYALS OVER CRITICAL TWEETS Nominations close … 387 set to run

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 9: A record one hundred and sixty-three (163) candidates filed their nomination papers on the last day — Friday, to contest the 2012 National Assembly elections.

This brings to 387 the total number of candidates who have joined the fray for the 50-seat Parliament after 10 candidates withdrew their nominations.

The registration for the upcoming elections by far surpasses the number of candidates who contested the last elections during which 22 women had taken part although none made it to the National Assembly.

On the last day five women who filed their nominations include Sheikha Abdullah Al-Enezi, Hana Ahmed Bujarwa, Muna Ali Al-Fuzai, Samira Yousef Al-Shatti and Zikra Ayed Al-Rashidi bringing the total number of women participants to 15 — seven less than the previous elections.

Nonetheless, all the former MPs who were implicated in the ill famous ‘millions of deposits scandal’ are contesting the elections except for Mohammed Al-Mutair.

Former Shiite MP and First Constituency candidate Hussein Ali Al-Qallaf said “the political conspiracy” that Kuwait is experiencing has been plotted by some Gulf states and some elements in this country.
He said he is surprised why these countries want to destroy Kuwait “just because HH the Amir wants to make Kuwait a commercial and financial hub?” he inquired.

He called upon the youths not to be dragged into this conspiracy that will harm the country. He added the ruling of Al-Sabah family knows what is in the best interests of the country “and this is exactly what HH the Amir did by issuing the emergency decree ‘one man one vote’.

He stressed the annulled 2012 Parliament was purely sectarian and the evidence was the law of death sentence (blasphemy law) that was passed by the so-called majority opposition bloc.

He added the opposition is taking to the street just to create more chaos in the country. The opposition members “want to make Kuwait like Egypt by telling people all lies.” He stressed the government will stop anyone who takes to the street to destabilize the security.

Third Constituency candidate Hana Ahmed Bujarwa said what motivated her to run the upcoming election is her love for the country and her desire to uplift the nation and restore its position as ‘the Pearl of the Gulf’.

“From this perspective,” she said, “I believe the best investment in the youth capability should be through legal means and under the umbrella of the Constitution.” She said, the need for faithfulness in the national work and developing the country far from selfishness, discrimination and sectarianism, is the need of the hour.

She called on the citizens to participate in the upcoming elections because Kuwait deserves good intentions.

Former MP and the Fourth Constituency candidate, Mubarak said he began to see the effectiveness of the law in the country “after I felt we were living in the state where the jungle law prevails”. He added, the next Parliament will be a decisive in the political history and Kuwaiti democracy.

He said he respects the youth movement “but that should be within the framework of the law and the Constitution, hoping the turnout of participation in the upcoming election to be equal or more than the previous one.”

Fifth Constituency candidate Samira Al-Shatti said the wisdom behind the Amiri decree is to ensure that competent and qualified people among the minority and independents succeed in reaching the Parliament.

She called for women quota to ensure women reach the Parliament “because women are regarded as the minority.” She stressed the need to support HH the Amir to apply the law and compliance of the Constitution.”

Second Constituency candidate Abdul-Latif Abdul-Aziz Al-Abdul-Razaq said the reason why he decided to run is to work together to rescue the country from the current political mess. He stressed on the need to focus on the next stage — development of the country’s infrastructure and application of the law for the sake of stability of Kuwait and its people.

Third Constituency candidate Dr Ali Ibrahim Hajiyya also stressed the need for nation-building which, he said, cannot be built without unity and togetherness of different segments of the Kuwaiti society.

He said for several years he has been following up the political movements in this country. “I deem it important to come out and make a contribution for this country and I call on the citizens to equally participate in this regard and not boycott the elections because boycotting is not an option, it is like a weapon against the country’s development.

He said everyone agrees that there are some failures on the part of the government in moving forward with the development in housing, construction, health and education, “but this cannot be addressed through protests and political bickering, but rather through enactment of important legislations in the Parliament,” he added.

Fourth Constituency candidate Dr Mahmoud Sayyid Al-Hassan Al-Mousavi said media is the strongest weapon more than war using ammunitions. “Without the media we would not have known what happened in the recent street protests,” he added.

He added in Kuwait the media has been given the freedom and all media including channels and newspapers are allowed to operate freely “but some are demanding more freedom so use this to make hate speeches and hurl insults against the government and other citizens in the name of freedom of expression, which is unacceptable.”

Agencies add:
Registration of candidates for Kuwait’s upcoming polls closed on Friday amid a total boycott by the opposition in protest over amendment of the disputed electoral law.

“Not a single opposition member has registered. This is a major success for the opponents,” said Talal Al-Kashti, director of Etijahat Studies Center, a private think-tank on local politics, especially elections.
Only 10 members of the 50-seat Parliament elected in February registered. The house was scrapped in a historical ruling by the constitutional court on June 20 which set the stage for the current political crisis.
“The next parliament will be entirely pro-government, toothless and with no real powers,” Kashti told AFP.
The opposition said it is boycotting the polls because the amended electoral law, claiming it allows the government to influence the outcome of the results and elect a rubber stamp parliament.

Under the previous law, Kuwaiti voters were able to choose up to four candidates, but that has now been reduced to only one.

The opposition vowed to continue its campaign against the election.

“After lowering the curtain on the candidates registration play, its time for for the (voting) boycott to bring the downfall of the illegitimate parliament,” said opposition figure and former Islamist MP Waleed Al-Tabtabai on Twitter.

The opposition plans to stage a large rally on Sunday to mark the 50th anniversary of the constitution and to protest against the electoral law.

Meanwhile, Kuwait has arrested two members of the Al-Sabah ruling family for tweets deemed critical of the government and supportive of the opposition, a human rights group and a lawyer said on Friday.

Sheikh Abdullah Salem Al-Sabah and Sheikh Nawaf Malek Al-Sabah were arrested for expressing political views on Twitter, the independent Kuwait Human Rights News Centre said.

Sheikh Abdullah’s lawyer Al-Humaidi Al-Subaie said his client was arrested late on Wednesday and was expected to be questioned by the public prosecutor.

The two young royals have written tweets sympathetic to the Kuwaiti opposition, which has been organising protests against an amendment to the electoral law seen as designed to produce a pro-government Parliament in a snap Dec 1 general election.

Earlier, young royal Sheikh Meshaal Al-Malek Al-Sabah was detained for a few days in July for expressing political views deemed offensive.

Nov 9, 2012 Registration 158 men, 5 women

First Constituency:
1. Faisal Qasem Hayat
2. Yousef Mikhled Al-Azmi
3. Saud Abdul-Aziz Al-Mashoud
4. Khalid Mohammed  Al-Bashara
5. Ibrahim Mohammed Behbehani
6.  Fauzi Salman Al-Khawari
7. Jassem Hamoud Al-Jareed
8. Hussein Ali Al-Qallaf
9 Hamad Musaid Al-Mujren
10. Khalid Essa Al-Shati
11. Khalid yakoub Al-Ghareeb
12.Sami Yousef Al-Manei
13.  Faleh Sanad Al-Mashoud
14.Saud Saud Al-Rajehi
15. Taha Ali Burabei
16. Abdul-Hameed Ali Dashti
17. Abdullah Tami Al-Azmi
18.Abdullah Ali Al-Qabandi
19.Abdul-Wahid Mohammed Khalfan
20. Kamel Mahmoud Al-Awadi
21. Mubarak Suleiman Al-Tarrad
22.Mishari Younus Al-Tarkeet
23.Matar Mutar Al-Otaibi
24. Musah Ghalib Al-Busairi
Second Constituency:
1. Mustafa Yakoub Behbehani
2. Khalid Abdul-Rahman Al-Faris
3. Emad Al-Ramthan Al-Salily
4. Mohammed Essa Hassan
5. Yousef Sultan Al-Maajed
6. Abdul-Rahman Saleh Al-Jeran
7. Mohammed Ahmed Taleb
8. Ahmed Abdul-Wahab Al-Dashti
9. Ahmed Mohammed Al-Mishari
10. Bader Ghareed Al-Bazali
11. Hosam Daud Al-Otaibi
12. Rashid Salman Al-Hubaida
13. Salem Arsheed Al-Salili
14. Sami Salem Al-Rashid
15. Sami Suleiman Al-Ali
16.Sanad Hamoud Al-Rashidi
17.Abbas Ali Abbas
18. Abdul-Rahman Abdullah Al-Marzouk
19.Abdul-Latif Abdul-Aziz Al-Abdul-Razak
20. Abdul-Wahab Qais Al-Ghanem
21. Ali Hussein Fairouz
22.   Fahad Jassem Al-Shehab
23. Muayyid Abdullah Al-Shehab
24. Manaf Mohammed Al-Muhana
25 Mahdi Ibrahim Al-Qattan
26. Wael Mohammed Al-Qattan
Third Constituency:
1. Osama Ibrahim Al-Awad
2. Hana Ahmed BuJarwa
3. Hamad Ibrahim Al-Tuwaijari
4. Muna Ali Al-Fazei
5. Jarrah Saleh Al-Salem
6. Abdul-Hameed Khalaifa Al-Shaiji
7. Osama Yousef Al-Tahous
8.  Abdul-Rahman Shamsudeen
9. Abdullah  Abdul-Mohsen Al-Subaei
10. Ali Ibrahim Hajiya
11. Omar Ibrahim Al-Dabyan
12. Fadel Abdul-Karem Al-Atram
13. Fahad Mohammed Al-Saqer
14. Fahad Habis Al-Otaibi
15.Mohamed Ibrahim Al-Majal
16. Mohammed Ibrahim Al-Masri
17. Mohammed Nasser Al-Jabri
18. Wael Abdul-Rahman Al-Walayati
Fourth Constituency:
1. Khudair  Aqla Al-anazi
2. Omar Mohammed Al-Ajmi
3. Sheikh Ahmed Daud Al-Sabah
4. Hussein Falah al-Harbi
5. Sheikha Abdullah Al-Anazi
6. Muhammad Baddah Al-Sulaimani
7. Abdullah Ali Al-Kandari
8.Mindeel Naeif Al-Mutairi
9. Waleed Ahmed Kandari
10. Bader Nayef Al-Mutairi
11. Abdullah Rashid Al-Fajji
12. Saleh Abdullah Al-Musailim
13. Fawaz Farhan Al-Anazi
14.  Mubarak Al-Khrainij
15.   Barrak Nasser Al-Noun
16. Ahmed Sahwu Al-Mutairi
17. Ameen Khairallah Al-Sharifi
18.  Fahad Falah Al-Ajmi
19. Fuhaid  Hamoud Al-Ajmi
20.Adel Al-Muhaid
21.  Hamdan Khalid Al-Namshan
22. Awad Mutlaq Al-Azmi
23.  Khalid Abbas Al-Nawmas
24.  Zikra Ayed Al-Rashidi
25. Mubarak Enad Al-Haifi
26.Saud Namshi Al-Hariji
27. Saleh Mohammed Al-Anazi
28. Dahi Hajji Al-Rashidi
29. Talal Mohammed Al-Mutairi
30. Adel Ali Al-Muhaid
31. Abdul-Rahman Abdullah Al-Duwailah
32.Eid Mutlaq Al-Owaid
33. Fahad Saud Al-Mutlaqam
34. Fahad Suleiman Al-Habashi
35.Faisal Jabber Saleh
36. Faisal Saleh Al-Harbi
37. Faisal Ali Al-Maimuni
38. Mubarak Seleh Al-Rashidi
39. Mubarak Enad Al-Haifi
40. Mubarak Fahad Al-Anazi
41. Mohammed Rashid Al-Shimiri
42.Mohammed Owaid Al-Mutairi
43.Mahmoud Abdul-Nabi Sayyid Hussein
44. Muhanna Ghazi Al-Otaibi
45. Naif Salem Al-Alati
46.Yousef Hajjaj Al-Shimiri
Fifth Constituency:
1. Habib Abdul-Karim Hindal
2. Saleh Shuja Al-Ajmi
3. Ahmed Rajab Al-Failakawi
4. Suleiman Abdul-Rahman al-Muhattab
5. Mohammed Mutlaq Al-Sawagh
6. Mubarak Atallah Al-Azmi
7. Mubarak Hussein  Al-Ajmi
8. Hammad Manahi Al-Dausari
9. Ali Abdul-Malik Bahmem
10. Salem Hamad Al-Misbah
11.  Bader ahmed Al-Anazi
12. Eid Hamoud Al-Azmi
13. Abdullah Omar Al-Otaibi
14. Fahad Mubarak Al-Hajri
15. Alyan Aloush Al-Mutairi
16. Jassem Mohammed Abbas
17. Khali Haidar Al-Haza
18. Mohammed Khalil Qumbar
19. Ali Kaid Manei Al-Anazi
20. Saud Khalifa Al-Khurainj
21. Mubarak Husyan Al-Dausari
22. Jabar Mubarak Al-Hajiri
23. Hamad Abdul-Rahman Al-Juma
24. Khalid Hmad Al-Rashidi
25. Khulaif Najar Al-Otaibi
26. Daud Salman Al-Omairi
27. Rashid Faris Al-Azmi
28. Saud Ahmed Al-Najada
29.Saud Mubarak Al-Ajmi
30. Samira Yousef Al-Shatti
31. Sabah Fahad Al-Mohammed
32. Zaher Bashar Al-Azmi
33. Abdul-Aziz Hassan Al-Obaid
34. Abdullah Nader Al-Ajmi
35. Ali Hussein Jareeb
36. Fuad Haidar  QAl-Hassan
37. Faras Mujahid Khourshid
38. Falah Faleh Al-Mai
39. Mubarak Ammar Al-Ajmi
40. Mohammed Abdul-Rahman Al-Otaibi
41. Mohammed Nasser Al-Dausari
42. Marzouk Mohammed Al-Azmi
43. Mujab Jaloud Al-Qahtani
44. Manawer Jaman Al-Harir
45. Mansour Saud Al-Ajmi
46. Nasser Ghowaizi Al-Mutairi
47. Najeeb Al-Adwani
48. Nahar Al-Otaibi
49. Nawaf Al-Otaibi
Withdrawals on Nov 9, 2012:
1. Hussein Kazem  Karim — 2nd Constituency
2. Suleiman Faisal Al-Qudaibi — 2nd Constituency
3. Sheikha Abdullah Al-Anzi — 4th Constituency
4. Adel Meyad Al-Daihani — 4th Constituency
5. Ajeel Ayed Al-Azmi — 5th Constituency

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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