Opposition sets rallies as 88 file to run ‘ASSEMBLY, NOT STREET OFFERS REDRESS FROM DECREES’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 8: The opposition forces have stepped up their campaigns to boycott the December 2012 parliamentary elections with two rallies planned for next week — one coinciding with the 50th anniversary of the Kuwaiti Constitution this Sunday and the second also at the Al-Erada (Determination) Square Monday.

However, in the midst of all this 88 citizens filed their nomination papers Thursday, the largest number of candidates yet to register, to contest the elections bringing the total number to 229.

A day before registration for the upcoming Parliament elections ends, six more women joined the list — Salwa Al-Jassar, Jenan Bushehri, Hanan Al-Saeed, Awatef Al-Qallaf, Wasima Al-Mawash and Muna Ibrahim Ali — bringing the total number of women participants to ten.

Opposition former lawmakers claim the citizens are being bribed to file their nomination papers. Member of the annulled 2012 Assembly and the Majority Bloc, Mohammed Al-Kandari said “political money has been activated early in this election and it seems those who have been bribed have returned after they were reassured.”

Minister of Information Sheikh Mohammed Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah, however, denied any pressure was put on the citizens. He also denied the use of political money.

Opposition former lawmaker MP Faisal Al-Mislem wrote on his Twitter account that he predicts the following scenario to take place in the upcoming Parliament — that liberal pro-government lawmaker Ali Al-Rashid will become Parliament Speaker, Adnan Abdulsamad his deputy and that former Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah will be brought into the Cabinet.

Former lawmaker and Second Constituency candidate Salwa Al-Jassar assured the political system of Kuwait will not bow to troublemakers or to personal agendas, “for the nation has men, women and youth who are loyal and devoted.”

Al-Jassar stressed women will continue to participate to push forward the wheel of development. She added the boycott campaign launched by some is an announcement that they reject freedom of opinion by participation. “We won’t accept that the political scene is reduced for a minority that does not respect the Constitution, the law or the state authority and does not represent the will of the people,” she said.
Former lawmaker in the 2009 Assembly and Fifth Constituency candidate Khaled Al-Adwa said he supported the four-vote system because it served his sector, “but HH the Amir’s decision to amend this system is his prerogative in light of the Assembly’s absence.” He stressed all Muslim scholars have confirmed the legitimacy of HH the Amir’s decision.

Al-Adwa added veteran former MP Ahmed Al-Saadoun had earlier called for decrees of urgency. He noted the so-called majority members are divided on their views and stances.

Former MP and former Education Minister Ahmed Al-Mulaifi has filed his nomination papers from the First Constituency. He said politicians must efficiently work to raise the standards of services and development projects in the country.

He added political battles have negatively affected development and hoped new faces in the next Parliament will succeed to bring new development to the country.

For his part, former Salafi MP and candidate from the Third Constituency, Dr Ali Al-Omair said though some members of Salafi Islamist bloc have decided to boycott the election, he decided to take part after consulting his electoral base and taking it as a national and legitimate duty.

Commenting on the emergency decree which has been issued by HH the Amir that gives one eligible voter one vote, Al-Omair explained whoever agrees or disagree with it must follow a constitutional path to deal with it. He pointed out the next Parliament can reject or accept this decree or even refer it to the Constitutional Court.

He affirmed anyone who wants to violate the Constitution and create problems and anarchy in the country, will be prevented by Kuwait and its people.

He said he is not against the oversight role of the Parliament, “but the 2012 Parliament saw seven grilling requests in a short period of time which is unacceptable and eventually caused political tension.” He hoped the next Parliament will make more achievements.

First Constituency candidate Jenan Mohsen Bushehri stressed the need for clear vision and new ideas for the country to ensure better life and job opportunities for the youth. She added, “Whatever the differences we have in opinions and views we must unite on one goal which is to think about Kuwait’s future and presence.”

On the low participation of women and the impression that women are against fellow women and tend to vote for men during elections, Bushehri refuted this notion. She stressed voters should not focus on the gender of the candidate but rather on qualification and abilities.

Nov 8, 2012 Registration — 82 men, 6 women

First Constituency:
1. Jenan Mohsen Bushahri
2. Hussein Kazen Al-Qallaf
3. Aamer Mohammed Al-Naseem
4. Abdul-Razak Mohammed Al-Kandari
5. Abdul-Kadir Abdul-Rahman Al-Hamoud
6. Abdullah Bader Al-Shamali
7. Abdullah Ghazi Al-Attar
8. Manaf Habib Hussein
9. Waseema Abdul-Aziz Al-Mawash
Second Constituency:
1. Ahmed Abdullah Al-Ali
2. Ahmed Hussein Al-Rashid
3. Bader Abdullah Al-Shamroukh
4. Khalid Abdul-Rahman Al-Mudahaka
5. Khalid FahadAl-Hayan
6. Khalil Ibrahim Al-Saleh
7. Salwa Abdullah Al-Jassar
8. Sulaiman Faisal Al-Qudaibi
9. Abdul-Salam Al-Awadi
10. Abdullah Mutran Al-Habashi
11. Adnan Ibrahim Al-Mutawa
12. Nasser Hamad Al-Waqyan
13. Nawaf Bandar Al-Lafi
14. Waleed Ahmed Al-Kandari
Third Constituency:
1. Ahmed Abdul-Mohsen Al-Mulaifi
2. Tourki Habib Al-Fadli
3. Hanan Mohammed Al-Saeed
4. Khalid Ibrahim Al-Salal
5. Khalid Abdullah Al-Otaibi
6. Khalid Ajeel Al-Anazi
7. Sulaiman Masour Al-Mansour
8. Taleb Shalash Safouq
9. Talal Mohammed Al-Hamoud
10. Zafir Dousha Al-Arada
11. Adel Ibrahim Al-Ibrahim
12. Adel Mustafa Al-Mutawa
13. Abdul-Rahman Khalid Al-Baloushi
14. Abdullah Rashid Al-Hajiri
15. Abdullah Ali Al-Habashi
16. Abdullah Yousef Al-Omrah
17. Othman Mohammed Al-Ruqaie
18. Ali Saleh Al-Omair
19. Awatif Atiyya Al-Qallah
20. Faraj Abdullah Al-Khudari
21. Mishal Masfar Al-Osaimi
22. Muna Ibrahim Ali
23. Nabil Nasser Al-Bashar
24. Najeed Saeed Al-Awadhi
25. Hisham Hussein Al-Bagli
26. Waleed Mohammed Al-Nasser
27. Yahya Hamoud Al-Dakheel
Fourth Constituency:
1. Arsheed Mindeel Al-Qahas
2. Osama Mansour Al-Rashidi
3. Jassem Mohammed Al-Rajehi
4. Saad Khanfour Al-Rashidi
5. Adel Mezyad Al-Daihani
6. Aziz Saeedi Al-Huraiji
7. Askar Owaid Al-Anazi
8. Ali Abdullah Kankouni
9. Ali Nashi Al-Rashid
10. Amash Fuhad Al-Shimiri
11. Ghanem Sulaiman Al-Salem
12. Falah Ali Al-Masab
13. Manei Sunaiheb Al-Mutairi
14. Mubarak Saleh Al-Najada
15. Mohammed Hamoud Al-Arada
16. Musallam Eid Al-Anazi
17. Mushari Zaher Al-Husseini
18. Mushari Abbas Al-Otaibi
19. Mishal Mubarak Al-Ayar
20. Mutlaq Owaid Al-Anazi
21. Nasser Jafar Al-Arbash
22. Hadi Falah Al-Rashidi
Fifth Constituency:
1. Badder Nasser Shihab
2. Khalid Salem Al-Ajmi
3. Sanad Sameer Sarei
4. Sharif Mohammed Tumaiheer
5. Abdul-Mohsen Mohammed Al-Fayez
6. Abdul-Hadi Fuhaid Al-Ajmi
7. Ajeel Ayed Al-Azmi
8. Esam Salman Al-Dabous
9. Alyan Saud Al-Ajmi
10. Eid Shraim Al-Otaibi
11. Eidan Abbas Al-Khalidi
12. Faisal Mohammed Al-Kandari
13. Mubarak Nayef Al-Dausari
14. Mohammed Sultan Al-Mutairi
15. Mohammed Abdullah Murad
16. Mishal Suleiman Al-Shati

By: Nihal Sharaf and Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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