Philippines Ambassador to Kuwait denies ‘raping maid’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 7, (Agen-cies): Philippines Ambassador to Kuwait Shulan Primavera Wednesday denied on TV Patrol, the Philippines primetime news of ABS-CBN the rape allegations made by a Filipina runaway maid who worked in his household for eight months.

The Filipina ward named Mabel, who is now in the Philippines, said on the national TV that the Ambassador allegedly sexually harassed her when his partner went home to the Philippines for vacation.

Primavera, who was fuming mad, denied all the allegations on TV and pointed that these were all lies. He cited that his predecessor had a hand in this machination. He added that it is purely and obviously a ‘demolition job’ against him by his predecessor.

“Jesus Christ, that’s a lie. I will not do that. It’s not true that there was an instance that we were involved in an indecent act,” Primavera was heard as saying on the TV.

The news stated that Mabel has already signed an affidavit and is determined to pursue a case against Primavera. She is set to file a formal complaint against the Ambassador with the help of the Blas Ople Foundation.

Meanwhile, Primavera said that in his capacity will not allow his 40 years of public service to be tarnished by his former housemaid’s allegations.

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HOPE NOT robert littlewood | 11/8/2012 8:25:52 PM so a runaway house maid claimes the embasador assualted her while working for him,was she working for him while a runaway but why isnt he in the phillipines if there is a case against him surely there must be a warrant out for his arrest in his home country and please dont tell me the goverment of the phillipines have allowed him to still work in kuwait with an embassy full of young female runaways he should be suspended from his job until he can clear his name not continue to work with vunerable girls,until they all no he can be trusted
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