Pearl of Gulf

Many of those running in the streets and protesting were probably not around when Kuwait was invaded by the brutal Iraqi forces in 1990. It was a time when we had lost Kuwait. The feeling of being without a country of your own is something that is difficult to express in words. Only those who went through those hard months of insecurity would probably realize what it means to have a safe and secure country of your own.

Many years have now gone by and the Parliament has taken Kuwait from one crisis to another. Perhaps a change of parliamentary style is a welcome relief from the endless grillings … at least we can hope! People all over the world have grievances and there are civilized and orderly ways to express them. Running in the streets, disrupting the nation and harming the economy hardly strikes most of us as one of those options. Furthermore the damage done to the country far outweighs the benefits of such behavior. Clearly no government in the world would accept this form of disruption.

Kuwait is a small country with what used to be and hopefully will once again be a close knit society that works together for the betterment of the nation.We have always prided ourselves in our patriotism and love for the country. I doubt that anyone who truly loves this land would  want any harm to come to it, even if it means sacrificing our own personal agendas. Let us think clearly and calmly before we resort to creating chaos which will clearly benefit no one.

Please take a moment and calmly reflect on what protesting has achieved in other countries surrounding us. It certainly hasn’t achieved any form of stability to date. Luckily we in Kuwait are free to express our opinions, and quite frankly may I add. We are ruled by a government that has always provided an excellent “Cradle to Grave” welfare system – probably one of the best in the world. Most Kuwaitis are employed in the government sector and lead a comfortable life.What more could one want?

Other Arab states are not so fortunate and neither do they have the wealth that we can boast of. Their problems are very different from ours and trying to imitate them and allowing others to influence us is absurd and unpatriotic. This is clearly not what the majority of Kuwaitis want and  neither is this the  time to destabilize an already volatile region. Let’s think carefully before we act … for the sake of Kuwait.There are many modern and civilised platforms to  express ones opinion in Kuwait, may I suggest we avail of them. Chaos will only breed more anger and hatred. Why should we burden our youth with these feelings? Remember the seeds we sow today determine the kind of fruit we reap tomorrow.          

This is  an appeal  and a plea for calm for the sake of our beautiful country.Let’s put our country first. Generations have toiled to make Kuwait what it is today. Let’s bring back the past glory and resurrect our ”Pearl of the Gulf” once more through meaningful dialogue and respect for our leaders and elders. Before I pen off a classic quote comes to mind by leader John F Kennedy “ Ask not what your country can do for you … ask what you can do for your country”.

God bless Kuwait always!


By: Adeeb Shuhaiber

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