Philippine Embassy ATNU Head Tanandato listens to Salma as she recounts her ordeal.
Pinay housemaid sold to Jleeb Shuyoukh ‘brothel’ for KD 200 Salma recounts ordeal to embassy official

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 15:  A Filipina Household Service Worker (HSW) who escaped from her employer’s house in Sabahiya on July 17 due to overwork and lack of sleep ended up being sold to a Bangladeshi pimp and was forced to work in a brothel in Jleeb Al Shuyoukh.

Salma (not her real name), 29, single and a native of Cotabato City in Southern Philippines who arrived in Kuwait on Feb 15, 2011 recounted to the Arab Times on Wednesday the ordeal she went through in the brothel after she was sold by an Indian man to a Bangladeshi pimp in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh for KD200.
“I escaped from my employer because I can’t take the bulk of work anymore. I wake up before 6 am daily and work non-stop at home with no rest at all till 1 am. I cannot even sleep due to fatigue. Then someone has been calling me up on the phone, an Indian guy who later became my friend on the phone who offered to help me find a job outside. I was already confused and desperate at that time because of fatigue so I decided to escape,” stated Salma who endured 10 months of overwork with her second employer. She disclosed that she left her first employer after eight months when her employer’s brother attempted to rape her. Her first employer returned her to the agency and was given to her second employer where she allegedly suffered over fatigue.

On the day she escaped, Salma’s Indian phone pal who promised to find her a job waited for her outside her employer’s house, however, when she was already in the car, she changed her mind and asked him to take her to her agency in Fahaheel but to her surprise, she was brought to Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh and sold to the Bangladeshi pimp who allegedly provides ladies to brothels in Jleeb and Hasawi area.

“I tried to escape and fight back but they were strong and they locked me up in a room. Then the Bangladeshi guy who bought me raped me. I cried for help but he threatened me that he would kill me and slit my throat if I try to escape,” Salma narrated in between sobs. Two days after, the Bangladeshi guy then brought her to the brothel which was just near the place that they were staying.

“I kept on crying as I begged them to let me go but everything fell on deaf ears. I was ushered into a small stinky room with only a dirty mattress in it. Then, guys of different nationalities started coming into my room and each one had sexual intercourse with me. Each sexual encounter was so fast that it would only last from two to five minutes. Some of those who pitied me did not touch me but just paid the pimp. I lost count of the men who used me,” she sobbed.

Salma recounted that she was brought to two different brothels in the area on different days. “I was brought every other day to two different brothels. He gets KD 5 for every customer and he gives me KD 1 as commission. I begged him to let me go as I can’t do it anymore but he again threatened to kill me if I escape,” she stated.

Salma cited that she also saw three other Filipinas in the brothel as well as Indonesian ladies but they were not allowed to talk to each other. “As the days went by, I felt like being tortured every time men had sex with me but I tried to be strong and find a way on how to escape that place,” she stated as tears welled in her eyes.

Finally on Aug 10 at around 7:00 am, she was able to escape while the Bangladeshi pimp and his other colleagues were still sleeping soundly. “My room wasn’t locked so I went to the kitchen quietly and there was a very small window, I tied a towel and a bed sheet and jumped off the first floor. I landed on my feet but went off balance and I fell on my right shoulder and half of my body now is hurting due to the impact of my fall,” she stated with her voice shaking, pointing to her right shoulder blade.

She then hailed a taxi and asked the driver to take her to the Philippine Embassy. “I want that Bangladeshi pimp and all of his colleagues who are operating the brothels in Jleeb be arrested because they are still out there victimising domestic helpers,” cried Salma.

Salma during her meeting on Wednesday with Assistance to Nationals Unit Head at the Philippine Embassy, Dalidig Ibrahim Tanandato, asked the Philippine Embassy to rescue the three other Fillipinas who are still in the brothel.

“With the vital information that she provided us we will meet up with the police authorities tomorrow and convey all the information to them so appropriate action can be done to arrest these people,” stated Tanandato. He vowed that the embassy will look into Salma’s case and do its best to rescue the three other Filipinas and other ladies in the brothels.

Tanandato called on all Filipinos in Kuwait especially Household Service Workers (HSWs) not to go out with any stranger and in case, they have any problem with their employers, they should contact the Philippine Embassy or the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO) for assistance.

Currently, Salma is temporarily staying at the Filipino Workers Resource Center in Faiha. “I just want to recover from this nightmare. I hope this will soon be over. I want to go home to the Philippines and be with my family,” she sobbed.

By: Michelle Fe Santiago Special to the Arab Times

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no compassionrobert littlewood | 11/8/2012 5:06:12 PM look at this poor girl having to explain all she went throu to TANANDATO she was raped time and time again and has to sit there telling all she went throu to a man does the phillipine ATNU TANANDATO not have compassion or respect for his female country people she should of had a woman there not a male but of coarse the arab times was there so TANANDATO has to get his picture in as to say look i care about you you care about nobody but yourself and how you can make it as you give a dam about your people well this picture shows you dont she is a rape victim having to tell all and to you a male whats wrong with your embassy dont you allow women to do good deeds incase it takes the glory from you TANANDATO your a disgrace go back to the phillipines your doing nothing her to help your people your allways there when the arab times are to look good
HOUSEMAIN SOLD TO BROTHELmubeen moin | 8/16/2012 12:48:04 PM Mr. M.Z.KHAN you are right the culprits should get punishment there should be strict law can i ask you all where is humanity? where is human?? You are saying about students harassing ladies in buses police has to stop all this right but sorry to say its no use because when you go to police station and say you are INDIAN PAKISTANI OR BANGLADESHI and not Arab nation the cops themselves start laughing at you, do the cops even respect female i have experienced it and thanks to our embassies which our of no use
PINAY HOUSEMAIN SOLD TO JALEEB SHUYOUKHmr. m.z.khan | 8/16/2012 10:15:16 AM DEAR SIRS, No one can conmtrol on crimes in the World without strict Law and punishment. Here in Kuwait why the culprit persons are not afraid, they know that after arresting, we will be deported. I request and suggest that each and every culprit he must be long prisoned even there is a small crime of big crime. To kidnap and sell to any person for prostitute, such culprit must be hanged. I am since long time in Kuwait and within few years there are many crimes in Kuwait. For safety and for protection, must be strict law to stop crimes. I read in the nespaper so many young boys are travelling without ticket in Busses and harrassing the men/ladies in the busses. If they are student , must be issued identity passes from the Schools and at the the of riding busses, they have to show identity to drivers. If any boy is involved in such crimed he must be punished and must be punished their parents to control.
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