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Web check up for travel ban

KUWAIT CITY, June 14: People who have legal disputes, debts or unpaid bills must look up to verify if they have a travel ban slapped on them before traveling, a reliable source told the Arab
Times Thursday.

By entering one’s civil ID number in the allotted space on the webpage, citizens and expatriates can find out if they have a travel ban. “This can help people save a lot of trouble at the airport, as many people are caught unawares with legal restrictions to leave Kuwait.

The source further added “... a travel ban can be slapped if someone files a case against you over an unpaid debt or any financial commitment that you’ve failed to honor, no matter what the amount.
“Recently, a citizen from a renowned family faced a travel ban because a Pakistani laborer had sued him over an unpaid wage of KD 120.” Travel bans are enforced if the party making the charge demands it, enabling any person to initiate a ban for almost any reason.

The bans may remain in place for a substantial period of time while the case is being investigated.
People who have been charged with criminal offenses, undergoing investigation in a criminal case, involved in unresolved financial disputes, or have unpaid debts are subject to travel bans by the Kuwaiti government.

Those who have not paid their electricity, water or telephone bills and run up huge amounts despite repeated warnings from the concerned ministry are also liable to face travel bans initiated by the ministry.
The airport has a cell by the Ministry of Justice to facilitate travel-ban payments. The cell can be used to pay up debts or bills and have the travel ban lifted with immediate effect. “However, for cases that warrant arrests, mere settling of financial liabilities will not be enough for the travel ban to be removed.”


By: Valiya S. Sajjad Arab Times Staff

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Web Check inIvon | 6/15/2012 10:31:17 AM This is a good initiative, but unfortunatley its all in Arabic. Can they provide and English version also ???
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