Arabian Business Magazine honors 26 Kuwaitis in ‘Power 500’ Al-Shaya first among Kuwaitis; Al-Khorafi second in 2012 list

KUWAIT CITY, June 13: The Arabian Business Magazine organized Monday a ceremony to honor those included on the 2012 Power 500 List at the Khalifa Tower in Dubai.
The magazine named 500 most powerful Arab personalities for this year; including 26 Kuwaitis. Mohammad Al-Shaya, Board Chairperson of Kuwait-based Mohammad Hamoud Al-Shaya Company, was ranked first among the Kuwaitis and 18th in the Arab world; while Amar Company Board Chairperson Engr Bader Nasser Al-Khorafi came in second among Kuwaitis and 26th in the Arab world.
Mohammad Al-Shaya controls a group of companies in the retail sector. He is known for his ability to overcome difficult situations that the region has gone through due to the global recession and European debt crisis; in addition to the series of crises in the retail business sector, which the group has defied by consolidating its expansion projects and steady annual growth.

Today, Mohammad Al-Shaya remains one of the most renowned business personalities in the region and the world, and Al-Shaya Group is one of the most active business conglomerates in the Middle East. It excels in several fields, such as real estate, construction, hospitality, retail and information technology.
Mohammad Al-Shaya served as Executive Director of Mohammad Hamoud Al-Shaya Company before becoming its Board Chairperson in 2007. He embarked on massive expansion projects in quick succession until the company reached its current status.
The company owns over 1,800 outlets in the local market, which represent trademarks known globally. As one of the most active and fastest growing companies, its outlets cover 20 markets in the Middle East, Turkey, Cyprus, Russia, Poland, Egypt, in addition to recent openings in Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.
Mohammad Al-Shaya, who holds a master’s degree from Warton College of Business, occupies high positions in many international organizations, as well as regional and international institutions. The most notable of which include his membership to the Higher Planning and Development Council in Kuwait and Arab Intellectual Institution Board of Trustees. He is also the Executive Board Member of Arab Business Council.

Meanwhile, Engr Al-Khorafi is a Board Member at Kuwait-based Al-Khorafi Group — one of the largest business consortiums in the Arab world with a capital base of $14 billion. His grandfather founded the company and ran the empire until his father Nasser Al-Khorafi took over the leadership for 30 years of consistent growth. His father became one of the most notable business personalities in the Middle East, while the company accomplished series of landmark successes in the economic and trading sectors.
The group entered the communications sector where it makes waves through Zain Telecommunications Company not only in the region but internationally as well. The group has diversified its investments into trading, agriculture, catering services, restaurant, iron ore, real estate, tourism and recreation. Its business interests cover many countries like Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Albania, Ethiopia and South Africa.
Engr Al-Khorafi also serves as Board Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer at Gulf Cables Company and Kuwait Electrical Industry, which is one of the most notable industries in the region. He also serves on the board of Zain Telecommunications Company and Zain-Saudi Arabia, as well as his membership in many companies in Kuwait with a wide range of interests like manufacturing, contracting, banking, technology and retail.

Other Kuwaitis on the list are Sa’ad Al-Barrak from the communications sector who took the fourth spot among Kuwaitis and the 82nd in the Arab world; Faisal Al-Ayyar from the banking sector came in fourth among Kuwaitis and 92nd in the Arab world, Hassaniyah Hashim from the manufacturing sector was ranked fifth locally and 122nd in the Arab world, Sheikha Al-Bahar from the finance and banking sector was ranked sixth locally and 124th in the Arab world, followed by Gheidaa Al-Khalid from the construction and manufacturing sector ended up on the seventh position locally and 136th in the Arab world, Nabil Bin Salamah from the communications sector was ranked eighth locally and 141st in Arab world, Marwan Boodai from the transport and manufacturing sector was ranked ninth among Kuwaitis and 146th among Arabs, Farouq Al-Zanki from the energy sector claimed the 10th spot locally and 171st in the Arab world, Khalid Abu Al-Fadhl was ranked 11th among Kuwaitis and 178th among Arabs, Maha Al-Ghunaim from the finance and banking sector took the 12th position in Kuwait and 205th in the Arab world, Suad Al-Humaidi was ranked 13th in Kuwait and 206th among Arabs, Nayef Al-Mutawa 14th locally and 229th in the Arab world, Emad Bukhamsen 15th locally and 234th in the Arab world, Rushaed Yacoub Al-Nafisi 16th in Kuwait and 239th in the Arab world, Zahi Khouri 17th in Kuwait and 245th in Arab world, Tareq Sultan 18th locally and 255th among Arabs, Douna Sultan 19th among Kuwaitis and 263rd among the Arab world, Salam Al-Hindi 20th in Kuwait and 278th in the Arab world, Mahmoud Al-Nouri 21st among Kuwaitis and 290th among Arabs, Sameer Al-Nafisi 22nd in Kuwait and 315th among Arabs, Hamad Al-Falah 23rd in Kuwait and 414th in the Arab world, Ali Shamlan 24th in Kuwait and 445th in the Arab world, Ibrahim Ali Al-Qadhi 25th locally and 452nd in the Arab world, and Adnan Al-Muslim 26th locally and 456th in the Arab world.

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