MPs propose tough penalties against assault on policemen Disagreements on grilling stop diwaniya meet

KUWAIT CITY, April 10: MPs Nabil Al-Fadhel, Ali Al-Rashid, Adnan Al-Motawa’, Mohammed Al-Juwaihel and Abdu-lhameed Dashti has submitted a draft law aimed to toughen the penalty against those who assault policemen, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
The draft law’s proponents clarified that since the nature of work of the policemen necessitates pursuing culprits, applying laws and banning crimes, it is necessary to protect these personnel so that they can in turn provide protection to the society.
They proposed imprisonment of minimum 15-year and a minimum fine of KD 15,000 against the assaulters of policemen.

Meanwhile, parliamentary sources said the meeting of the Parliamentary Majority Bloc held recently in MP Waleed Al-Tabtabaei’s diwaniya was useless because of disagreements regarding the interpellation requests.

They disclosed that an altercation took place between MP Mohammed Hayef and a number of lawmakers who refused his inquest because it was not a bloc priority and the lawmaker had announced it in a hurry without consulting with them.

Addressing the attendees, Hayef asked, “We have agreed to support any inquest submitted by a lawmaker from the majority bloc, so why are you disapproving this grilling request?” To this Al-Harbash replied that Hayef’s inquest was not well studied.

Eventually, the attendees agreed to discuss the pivots of Hayef’s grilling request against Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in a friendly manner.
Regarding the issue of lifting the immunity from nice MPs, most of the lawmakers refused while some of them agreed to lift it to confront the case.
Meanwhile, Islamic activist Mubarak Al-Bazali posted on his Twitter account that any girl who goes to Kubbar Island should blame only herself, reports Al-Shahed daily.
Commenting on this statement, MP Nabil Al-Fadhel said, “The government’s silence towards such statements forces us to apply the law ourselves. If any man even dares to harass a girl in Kubbar Island, we will make him urinate in his clothes.”
Addressing Al-Bazali, Al-Fadhel said “A number of youths will be in Kubbar Island ready to depilate your face to make it much smoother than the leg of Lebanese singer Haifa Wahbi.”
Al-Bazali replied by saying “I will reply only if I know Al-Fadhel is indeed the one making such statements against me.”

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