Visit Visas for Pakistani born & brought up in Kuwait

I am a Pakistani national, born and brought up here in Kuwait and running our own business since the last 28 years. I have been here for my whole life. I want to get a visit visa for my sister, who was also born in Kuwait, and only after she got married is staying in Pakistan. My sister even has the original birth certificate of Kuwait. Even then we are failing to get any visit visa which is not at all fair. I can’t make out for what reason Kuwait government has stopped visas for Pakistanis since long. Can you please suggest what to do and who to contact?

Name withheld
For the last two years all types of visas have been banned for Pakistanis plus five other nationalities – Iranians, Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis and Yemenis. The local government said it had banned visas for nationals of those countries because of the “security situation in those countries.” For a certain period the Interior Ministry was entertaining applications for ‘special cases’ but even that has stopped now. So there is nowhere you can go. All you can do is wait for the visas to be reopened and the ban to be lifted.

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Totally UnfairWaqas Yasin Amin | 3/28/2012 8:14:39 AM Visas are banned because of "SECURITY SITUATION IN THOSE COUNTRIES". What threat can a brother's sister bring to a country??What threat could a son's mother bring to a country?? What threat could a wife bring to the country?? What threat could a new born child bring to a country?? That is totally unfair, atleast family visas should be open for people staying in Kuwait. I am here for 22+ years now. My father is born in Kuwait. Yet i had to send my wife to Pakistan after paying a huge fine, i was asked to wait for visas to open after Eid Fitr, then after Eid Adha, then after December, then after 25th Feb... but nothing happened.. the strange part is that her visa was issued March last year, and April visas were banned, she did her medical from Pakistan, even visa was stamped in the Kuwait Embassy in Pakistan, paid every penny, she came here i paid for the insurance, paid for medical and at the end i was told VISAS FOR PAKISTANIS ARE BANNED.. There are certain nationalities that are given visa on the spot, those people come and show us the same, make us feel downward that you are not granted visa but we are..... I dont understand why are the visas banned for families too?? there is a specific word for this kind of situation that comes out of frustration, but i dont want to say that word on a public forum. But i request the authorities to PLEASE allow our families to visit us and stay with us.
visa.....!!UROOJ | 3/27/2012 10:27:27 AM Respected Kuwait govt and sirvi!! i desperately wants to know why kuwait govt is taking a long long time to decide abt the visit visa for pakistani...ok if the security situation is really worse in these 5 banned nationalities thn why kuwait is not improve its own screaning system at airport ,those who are ruining the law and order kuwait should deport them but those who are innocent specially wives or spouse,they should allow to enter the country.....kuwait should open atleastt atleast spouse visas..not every one is culprit in these 5 nationalities......
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