Thieves have been exposed

MAGNIFICENT are the parables that help some people understand a perturbing phenomenon. The saying, “They did not see them steal, but they saw them fighting over the loot,” best describes the current situation in Kuwait, albeit in a humorous way. Usually, thieves have a common desire to steal. This desire brings them together as they form strong bonds to consolidate their grand theft plans and strategies. It does not matter where they execute their plans to steal material goods or something intangible; to steal from the authority, institutions and land; or even to steal the common rights of others. Once they succeed, they end up fighting over the loot, and some even start exposing the identity of others involved in the crime.

The parable mentioned above is the latest story of most Kuwaitis who now regret allowing their emotions to rule over them. They have taken decisions not out of patriotism or belief in someone who is supposed to be responsible for preserving national unity but strive to divide the society due to his tribal affiliations. They consider someone an outlaw, but they defend others who disrespect State institutions or claim to be the custodians of public properties. Is this not the habit of those who impose taxes and make the State coffers appear like a business caravan which has fallen in the hands of bandits? Those who lack conversation etiquette often adopt this kind of behavior to achieve their goals.
Thieves are immodest and shameless; hence, they act according to their whims. They blatantly engage in disputes and divide the loot under the limelight as if they are in a contest or a tournament, while they try hard to project themselves as upright and chaste individuals. They perfectly play the role of an ascetic in a desperate attempt to convince others that they are pious.

Some people view their country with an evil eye; oblivious to the fact that the nation is not a circus or theater where humor and sarcasm pervade, especially when a clown imitates an ascetic. The State is not for those who judge others based on their desires; unconcerned with the plight of people dying of hunger while they fight in banquets. The State is for those keen on strengthening national unity; it is not controlled by mobs that have emerged due to extremist or haphazard ideas. Whoever wants to join the mob must agree on the need to protect it and maintain the unity of its members.

In fact, there is no point in regretting the past; but it is imperative to confront those who lack modesty now to protect the country and whoever has been tasked to preserve national wealth and maintain peace. Even though modesty has become a rare commodity for those who do not fear Allah, all we can say is: May Allah protect us if worse comes to worst.

By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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