Tackle greedy ‘visa traders’ Protect expats

ONE of the most challenging problems our expatriate friends are facing today in Kuwait is “visa trading.” Falling victim to some greedy visa traders, who might charge up to KD 1,000 to renew their residence, continues to be one of the most troubling issues impacting our expatriate workforce. Therefore, in light of our national preparations to transform Kuwait into a regional financial hub, we wish that our government finds a more legitimate substitute for working visas. For example, why does not the government establish a National Visa Agency where all expats, either professionals, manual laborers...etc get their government-issued residency. Such a visa solution will protect our expatriate workforce from being exploited by visa traders. In fact, establishing a governmental agency responsible for monitoring contracts, issuing visas, and providing legal protection for expatriates is a step in the right direction.

It is almost impossible to imagine that we can actually transform our country into a competitive regional financial center unless we help our expatriate workforce overcome many of the challenges they are facing. For instance, many expatriates cannot to this day obtain visiting visas for their families. It would be quite helpful if our government eases some of the restrictions imposed upon some expatriates that prevent them from obtaining visas for their loved ones.

Visa trading in this day and age has become quite an archaic system of residency. If the expatriates respect our local laws, contribute fully to the development of our Kuwaiti economy, why not help them? In fact, our expatriate workforce continues to be those individuals whom we rely on to help us transform our local economy into a competitive financial and commercial environment. Thousands of professional expats have already contributed positively to the development of the public and private sectors in Kuwait.

It will be quite helpful if the government eases some of the suffering that these people are facing on daily bases. No one can deny that our expatriate friends and partners have achieved so much for our country. It would be impossible to imagine the condition of our public and private sectors without the precious contribution of our expatriate workforce.

We, as Kuwaitis feel proud of ourselves for being more tolerant, more helpful toward others. Therefore, creating safe work environments for expatriates in which they are totally free from being exploited and used by some greedy visa traders is a step in the right direction.


By: Khaled Aljenfawi

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Visiting visaAhmad Ejabatifar | 2/25/2012 1:15:31 AM Dear Mr.Khaled, I had read some of your articles in arabtimes newspaper and the last article about "visa trader's". Too many people from 6 nationality always to pray and wants God that the kuwait government begin to take a right decision about family visiting visa.Too many of first degree family of these persons don't meeting with together more than 1 year.(I can not visit my wife and my son about 10 months)That is not fair.Too many family wait to begin "Hala February celebration" but february go to end and we be coming frustrated and disappointed and don't hear any good news. I have a question from Kuwait government : Why do this action with moslems? The Kuwait immigration lows let to 35 nationality to travel to Kuwait without any additional procedures and unfortunately all of these countries religion are not Islam. I hope the new parliament and Prime minister and central immigration take a decision about this problem as soon as possible. I want you as a moslem brother writing some articles about this problem. Thank you With best regards Ahmad
thank youJoseph | 2/23/2012 7:19:16 PM i just wanna thank you sir for acknowledging our contribution to your county,as an expat where so happy to hear that can of news.
Immensely AppreciatedMizo | 2/23/2012 2:45:14 PM First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Aljenfawi for shedding light on this important issue, which is causing us expats extreme discomfort and helplessness. I would like to reiterate just a little further and concentrate on the issue of 'family visa'. It's a very sensitive issue which is affecting the lives of many expats residing in Kuwait. Barring immediate family members to live together by imposing a ban, is very much unethical to say the least. I sincerely hope that, the media will help us to pursue this matter and bring about a fruitful result for all the expats who are facing similar problems due to a ban on the issuance of 'family visa'. Once again I would like to thank Mr. Aljenfawi his observation which he has portrayed through his article.
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