Assault on women condemned 2 jailed in diesel theft

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 16: Representative of the so-called political group ‘the Fifth Column’ Abdullah Al-Shalahi said it is the duty of the government to provide a better life for everyone who lives in the country, but what was seen Sunday is contrary to the Constitution.
He added, it was a sad scenario to see a woman being beaten by security forces. He pointed out a person should not beat another person particularly if the person is a woman.
He added he saw a woman falling on the road as the securitymen tried to move her away from the street during protests. She was badly treated.
He reminded of the remark made by the late Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem who was quoted as saying: ‘No Freedom without Respect and no Respect without Freedom’.
In the meantime one of the Kuwaiti women complained that her son was arrested during the demonstration ‘for committing no crime’.
She added her son is still in prison and will not be able to answer his exams.

2 jailed in theft: The Criminal Court presided over by Justice Mohammad Al-Khalaf sentenced two men to three years imprisonment each and acquitted the others, in the so-called diesel theft case.
The Public Prosecution had earlier charged 16 men and others — all employees of the Kuwait National Petroleum Corporation (KNPC) an affiliate of the Kuwait Petroleum Company (KPC), of dereliction of duty because of which the two men were able to steal diesel worth KD18,792.
The action amounted to lack of ability to protect public funds, as well as failure to closely monitor and supervise the KNPC premises.

Egyptian acquitted: The Criminal Court has acquitted an Egyptian man of the charge of trafficking in drugs. He was accused on ‘smuggling’ into the country hard drugs ‘Tramadol’ for sale.
However, the judge refrained from issuing a verdict for bringing the items into the country without paying tariffs. The judge ordered the man to sign a pledge of good conduct for one year.
The defense attorney Hamad Al-Hadyan explained his client was surprised to see customs officers arresting him for bringing in 779 pills of Tramadol to treat his sick mother.
He affirmed his client was not aware of the decision number 36/2011, issued by the Ministry of Health which forbid the import of Tramadol into the country because the ministry had not published it in the official gazette.

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