Residence transfer from Temporary visa (14) to Dependent visa (22)

Can a visa be  changed from Article 14 to 22 because my wife has gone to India for delivery? I alone cannot sponsor my child as my salary is less than KD250/-. I want to get a visit visa with the help of somebody. Please advise me.

Name withheld

: Article 14 refers to temporary residence. When you come on a visit visa which is for over a month, you are on a temporary residence. This Article 14 residence can’t be transferred to dependent visa (Article 22). Such a transfer is only allowed for infants.
The only time an Article 14 can be transferred to an Article 22 residence is when you already have a valid residence and it expires … to ensure that a person doesn’t become illegal an Article 14 residence is given to bridge the gap until the residence is fixed.

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wifeSrivi | 12/1/2011 9:41:09 AM if your wife is on visa.14, once she left kuwait, then visa will be cancelled automatically. she cannot enter again. you cannot make wife visa.14 to visa.22, impossible. you must take a new dependant visa.22, for wife and do medical in home country, then she can enter again.
try next jobSrivi | 11/30/2011 11:59:52 AM As your company terminated your job and you are in visa.14, temporary. Your children residency also over, this time. You cannot sponsor your children. Even, if you come in visit visa, you cannot sponsor your child. Once you go out on visa.14, it automatically expire, not possible to change visa.22. Better try new job inside kuwait, using visa.14, then change to new company visa.18, then if you need, change to visa.22, as a dependant. you can sponsor your children. But, wife cannot sponsor you as dependant. otherwise, wait, till wife come inside kuwait, to sponsor your children residency by paying 2 kd per day fine, then renew children residency.
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