Blood or water?

RASHID AL-GHANNUSHI, the highest-profile person in the rising Islamic leadership in Tunisia and the top official in An Nahdha Party that follows the line of the Muslim Brotherhood, has asked Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki to release Tunisian al-Qaeda member Abu-Qudama, who had been convicted of bombing the Shrine of the Two Imams in the city of Samarra in 2006. This bombing has resulted in bloody conflicts between the Sunnis and Shiites in Iraq.

Not content with the bombing, the Tunisian murderer and student of Bin Laden, along with the notorious Al-Zarqawi, was also implicated in the killing of a young female Iraqi journalist — Atwar Al-Samrae’ee — who worked with Al-Arabiya TV news channel. The Libyan revolution has succeeded in toppling Gaddafi and his sons with the assistance of the US-led NATO. Without such assistance, Gaddafi would have been chasing the ‘rats’ and ‘disillusioned’ from one house to another and from one hall to the next. Libya’s leaders, who rose to power, thanks to God Almighty and NATO forces, are now asking the Iraqi government to release some fundamentalist Libyans affiliated to al-Qaeda.

These Libyans went to Iraq after its liberation from Saddam Hussain in the spring of 2003. Their goal was to fight against the ‘infidel’ Americans and whoever was cooperating with them from the Shiite community. Libya’s al-Qaeda people in Iraq, just like their Tunisian colleagues, had left their country to the brutal hands of their president without raising a finger in his face. They went to Iraq to fight against America to go to heaven through a route surrounded by pools of blood, as well as the remains of the massive destruction and killings of the innocent in the markets, ministries, mourning gatherings and other locations where the Iraqi youths used to wait in long queues to join the Iraqi police and army. They killed many innocent civilians without touching a single American soldier - the original target of their bloody journey to the eastern part of the Arab world.

How dare the new rulers of Tunisia and Libya demand for the release of these criminals? We have seen what the Tunisian government has done to Bin Ali’s relatives and that of his wife. We have seen what Libya’s rebels have done to their leader, who was brutally killed (though he deserved it.) The cruel acts of Bin Ali and Gaddafi against their own people are not less than that of al-Qaeda’s Tunisian and Libyan murderers who travelled, without legitimate purpose, thousands of miles away from their countries to go on a killing spree and to incite public revolt in another nation.
The new Arab instigators of rebellion must show a bit of fairness and logic before making such demands. I suggest that the Iraqi government reply to these demands by sending those cold-bloodied murderers to Guantanamo because they have spilt Iraqi blood, not water.


By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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