Loan given to a friend - No proof that money is lent

A friend of mine has borrowed some money from me and now refuses to return it. I have no proof that I lent the money to him. What can I do?

Name withheld

There is not much you can do except file a case with the police. The problem of not having any proof of lending the money to him will be a major obstacle in getting it back, even for the police because if he tells the police that he owes you nothing there is not much they can do. They need proof to proceed with the case, otherwise it will just be your word against his and the police has no right to believe what you are saying is the truth just because you have filed a case. So you must find proof, like if you deposited the amount in his account or you gave the money in the presence of someone. Otherwise, your claim will be rejected.


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relationSrivi | 11/12/2011 10:36:58 PM dont break the relationship. convince him to accept and return as early in small amounts and instalments. try to convince his parents or sponsor, to let him sign a bond or promisary note for the balance amount to be repayable to you. If you file case in police or court, then he deny, without proof, your case is rejected in police station. then, you cannot claim in future, as he is having the proof that your case was already rejected in police station or court, for lack of evidence. you cannot file another case or another evidence. forget the amount. better continue relationship, and get a sign of bond paper, that he received the money thru parents or some higher authorities.
Proofnaser | 11/11/2011 12:06:03 PM If you don't have proof then you can not ask money. If he deny then no way you can prove. Only you can approach to your resource so he don't deny. Then you can have money. Else you can not do any thing even you use your resources.
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