Husband home early finds wife in bed with stranger Crackdown on illegals intensifies

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 24: Police have arrested an unidentified woman for cheating on her husband, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
According to reports the husband discovered the illegal relationship between his wife and a ‘stranger’ when one day he arrived home unannounced. When he entered the home he heard a strange voice in the bedroom and without alerting the wife he called the police.
When police arrived they found the man in bed with the complainant’s wife. He was also drunk. The ‘couple’ has been referred to the Public Prosecution.

90 arrested in City, Shuwaikh raids : Securitymen from the Capital Governorate during a campaign against violators of residence laws in Salhiya and Shuwaikh Industrial Area are said to have arrested 90 expatriates for violating residence laws and referred them to the relevant authorities, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

Firm broken into: Police are looking for a burglar who allegedly broke into a company and escaped with KD 250 cash, two credit cards and official documents, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
When the manager of the company found someone had broken into his office he called the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior.
Personnel from the Criminal Evidences Department have lifted fingerprints to identify the culprit.

Murder suspect held: The Farwaniya police have arrested the person who had allegedly stabbed in the chest an unidentified Ethiopian two days ago, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.
A security source said suspect was arrested 24 hours after committing the crime. The source said police had detained five people for interrogation but did not mention to them the victim had succumbed to his injury.
It has been reported the suspect was recognized by an eyewitness. The suspect then allegedly admitted to the charge and guided police to the place where he had discarded the knife after stabbing the victim.

Fraudster caught: The Jabriya police have arrested a Kuwaiti woman for cheating several compatriots after promising to invest their money for high returns, reports Al-Rai daily.
She is said to have spent the money for personal interests. She is being interrogated.

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PuzzledKari | 11/26/2011 2:43:30 AM My comment is on a couple of points, ofcourse based on what I read from your reportings and assuming they are all true to the best of your knowledge and Invistigations. First what shocks me is the amount of reporting of kids babies been dumped ,,, all I read is adultery , indecent behavior by those whom are married and those who are not,, the violent crimes such as stabbing someone for a parking space,,, the of harassment woman on daily basis,,, all the illegal n none illegal people living and working for q8 families also let me ask do all q8 s not work on commoner jobs ??? I'm dumb founded on how q8 being that it's a rich country and full of potential is still at the root of such barbaric problems ,,,,
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