Bedoun and Kuwaiti's Asian maid ‘trapped’ Thief leaves behind child, flees with father’s vehicle

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 18: Police are looking for a thief who took the pain of taking out a Kuwaiti child from a vehicle left in operational condition in front of a cooperative society on Kabad Motorway and drove off with the vehicle.
The Kuwaiti owner of the vehicle left his son in the vehicle and went inside the cooperative. When he returned, there was no sign of the car, but fortunately his son was very much there. The child told his father that a man took him out of the vehicle and drove off.
Police noted down the description of the suspect and circulated it to all checkpoints.

Lovers caught: A Bedoun was arrested for sneaking into a Kuwaiti man’s house in Qaser area. The Bedoun allegedly had an ‘appointment’ with the Kuwaiti’s Asian housemaid. The Kuwaiti, however, happened to see the Bedoun and his girlfriend, locked them in a room and called police. The couple was referred to Naim Police Station.

Asian mugged: An Asian expatriate filed a complaint at Sulaibiya Police Station, saying an unknown person beat him up and stole KD 2, which was all he had.
Police noted down the description of the suspect and circulated it to all police patrols.

Eight rescued: Firefighters extinguished fire that broke out in a flat in Mahboula on Tuesday. Eight people - three children, three women and two firefighters — developed breathing problems but they were given treatment on the site.
In a separate incident, three Kuwaiti men and a compatriot woman developed breathing problems when their house in Oyoun area caught fire. Firefighters doused the flames, but much of the house was damaged by then, said sources.

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