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 I am an American citizen  and in Kuwait for the last 5 years. I have a Pakistani wife who has been here for 4 years and a daughter who was born in Kuwait. But when I changed my company I was told to cancel both my visa and that of my family. Now that I’m with the new company I want to bring my family back to Kuwait but there is a ban on Pakistani citizens entering Kuwait. Is there any way for me, being an American citizen and working for the US military, to bring them back to Kuwait?

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No, there is not. As long as there is a ban on Pakistanis entering Kuwait, you can’t get any type of visa. It doesn’t matter if you are an American, your wife has a Pakistani passport.
We don’t know why you cancelled your wife and your child’s visa. Companies can have your residence cancelled but not that of your family because you are the sponsor. Now you have to wait until the ban is lifted.

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luckSrivi | 9/27/2011 1:15:04 PM Still, if you need, you can meet the farwaniya dajeej head of immigration director, for special approval, as a American citizen, and military department, thru recommendation of senior military officers in your camp. it is possible. try ur luck. convince for approval thru american embassy.
Thank You...Harold Boyles | 9/26/2011 8:47:37 PM I apriciate the info guys....its just a shame there is nothing i can do for my wife and daughter.....oh well looks like i can only wait and have patience.....
your mistakeSrivi | 9/26/2011 2:14:50 PM you made a mistake of cancelling wife visa, and your visa, you went outside and came in new visa. you should opt for local transfer, in old company, without cancelling wife visa. currently, pakistani visa ban lifting, there is no scope in the sky, for another six months to 1 year. better have a patience for long time, to lift visa ban. Better pakistan govt should solve diplomatically with kuwait govt. No other way.
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