Some of the taxis impounded by the traffic police.
Reveal IDs of those involved in KD 25m bribery case: DRB Traffic police target taxi drivers

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 23: Members of the Development and Reform Bloc (DRB) will either resign en masse or will take to the streets if the identities of those involved in the KD 25m bribery case are not revealed and the prime minister remains in power, MP Falah Al-Sawagh told Al-Rai daily. He added that he is preparing a parliamentary inquest against the prime minister in coordination with a member of the Popular Action Bloc and an independent lawmaker. Stating that the Abdullah Salem Hall can no longer tolerate corrupt lawmakers, Al-Sawagh said the Wednesday protest was just the beginning as there is more to come until those involved are exposed. He called for the dissolution of the National Assembly so that the corrupt can be kicked out by the voters. “The growing number of protesters has sent a strong message to the government that any no-confidence motion against the prime minister will be passed easily now, considering the stances of MPs Khaled Al-Sultan, Abdul-Rahman Al-Anjari and Aseel Al-Awadhi,” he said. Al-Sawagh further added that there are indications that lawmakers would resist sitting in the Parliament with those involved in the scandal.

“The bloc will demand two hours for discussing the scandal at the beginning of the session,” he said, adding if the request by MPs Ahmad Al-Saadoun and Faisal Al-Muslim that the government release details of all deposits made from 2009 is ignored, a grilling request will be presented against the prime minister.
Meanwhile, MP Abdulrahman Al-Anjari has renewed his call for the ouster of Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah, saying he hopes HH the Amir will appoint a replacement from the masses, reports Al-Wasat daily. He said the only way out is the formation of a constitutional monarchy.
Al-Anjari said he requested HH the Amir to dissolve the Parliament and allow the voters to choose their representatives in a transparent manner. “Although the Constitution grants HH the Amir alone the right to appoint a prime minister, it did not specify that the candidate must come from the ruling family. Sheikh Nasser has exhausted all chances and failed to bring in reforms even after forming eight Cabinets,” he said. Pointing out that each Kuwaiti citizen should be able to aspire to become the prime minister of the country, Al-Anjari said there are many competent citizens who can take up the position of prime minister.
Meanwhile, MP Salwa Al-Jassar denounced the silence of the parliamentary majority on the bribery scandal, reports Al-Seyassah daily. She said some of those who attended the Wednesday protest had benefitted immensely from public funds, and that they had participated because they want to bring down the nation and the government by all means. She said corruption is not limited to the taking and giving of cash, and asked why no one is talking of the farms, houses, industrial lands, tenders and chalets.

Furthermore, MP Hassan Jowhar said the bribery scandal had dented the image of the Assembly and called it “a shame in the history of politics in Kuwait.”
In the meantime, member of the Municipal Council Engineer Abdullah Al-Enezi says he is ready to declare his assets to the secretariat general to encourage transparency among the members. He also said the step will lend a voice to the importance of institutional work and rule of law, being the foundation of democracy, reports Al-Anba daily.
In a statement, Al-Enezi added that everybody is expected to play effective role in nation building and reform, particularly the representatives of the people and leaders in the country. He called for the principle of transparency to be established, while protecting the dignity of state institutions. He urged everyone to be good example of the democratic practice, imploring the leadership and members of the council to declare their assets and set a good precedence.

Traffic police target taxi drivers: Hawalli traffic police launched an extended campaign against taxi drivers who do not follow traffic rules and do not operate their fare meters in Salmiya area. They issued 60 citations and also impounded 60 taxis during the campaign. The campaign was launched after receiving numerous complaints that taxi drivers abruptly stop on roads to drop customers and thus cause accidents and traffic jams.

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