All Type of Visas Banned for Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Iranian, Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni Nationals

I am a Bangladeshi and working in a government organization as a contractual employee since 2009. My current designation is computer programmer and my salary is KD 560. I have a university degree (Master of Computer Science with Honours, with all certificates attested by the Kuwait Foreign Ministry.
My question is I want to bring my wife on a dependent visa or visit visa and she is also a university graduate. Last week I submitted my application to the Immigration Department for dependent visa but they did not accept it. Visas for Bangladeshis have been restricted as per Kuwait government decision.
I want to know if there is any chance of bringing my wife to Kuwait. If you have any solution please let me know. When will they lift the ban on Bangladesh family visas?

Name withheld

Unfortunately, your nationality is one of the six — Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Iranian, Syrian, Iraqi and Yemeni — for has beenlifted. All sorts of visas have been banned.
So you can’t get either a dependent or a visit visa until the ban. When this will happen or why the ban is being enforced nobody really knows.
So you have to wait and hope for the best for there are thousands like you who have been affected by this decision.

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