Kuwaitis ‘join’ Mubarak team

CAIRO, Sept 6, (Agen-cies): Egypt’s justice minister agreed to let five Kuwaiti lawyers join the defence team of ousted President Hosni Mubarak, who is on trial for incitement to kill demonstrators and corruption, state news agency MENA said.
The Kuwaiti lawyers have said their decision to volunteer to defend Mubarak was in recognition for his role in supporting a US-led coalition that drove Iraqi forces out of Kuwait in 1991.
The request piqued many Egyptians, who see the trial of their former president for 30 years as an internal matter.
Mubarak, 83, was due to appear at a fourth trial session on Wednesday at a court set up on the outskirts of Cairo.
MENA said the Justice Ministry had asked the Cairo Court of Appeals to follow up the approval by issuing the appropriate paperwork. It said approval was granted after Egypt’s Lawyers’ Union confirmed that Kuwait allowed Egyptian lawyers to appear in Kuwaiti courts.
However, it was not immediately clear whether Mubarak’s defence team would take them on. Many lawyers attend the hearings as “volunteers” for Mubarak but are not part of the legal team he hired.
Several Kuwaitis on their Twitter website are said to have criticized these lawyers, reports Al-Wasat daily.
One of the users has even warned the lawyers that they should clearly declare that they do not represent the people of Kuwait.
Another user severely criticized the lawyers and asked how can these lawyers look into the eyes of a mother whose son was shot dead during demonstrations?
Meanwhile, lawyer Faisal Al-Otaibi, head of a group of Kuwaiti lawyers who have volunteered to defend Mubarak has denied rumors which said the lawyers were exposed to shooting during a press conference Thursday evening at a hotel in Cairo, reports Al-Rai daily.
However, he admitted those who attended the press conference were involved in a brief exchange of words because supporters of the former president disliked the use of the word ‘ousted’ by one of the journalists during a question/answer session.
Al-Otaibi was quoted by the Al-Rai daily as saying the Kuwaiti delegation was welcomed by most Egyptian media. He pointed out most questions raised through the press conference were of purely legal nature.
He explained the failure of his group to attend Monday’s court session was due to procedural issues such as getting permission to enter the courtroom.

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