His Highness the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah received on Sunday at Al-Sief Palace Kuwait’s Ambassador to Syria Aziz Al-Deihani.
Iraqi minister ‘reiterates’ calls to suspend Kuwait port project Council plans to push for amicable settlement

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 15: Iraqi Transpor-tation Minister Hadi Al-Amiri has reiterated calls for the suspension of the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port project and stressed the need to convince Kuwait to engage in objective dialogue to address the issue within the framework of good neighborhood, reports Alam Alyawm daily.
Al-Amiri pointed out all the specialized international companies have reached an agreement that the project will have a negative impact on the navigation activities at the Iraqi ports in Zubair and Umm Qasr. He argued Kuwait can relocate the project since it has more than 500 kilometers navigation areas, instead of the site near the Iraqi border.

In another development, Iraqi lawmaker Susan Al-Saad asserted no public Iraqi official, regardless of his position, should be allowed to negotiate with Kuwait on relinquishing 400 meters of Iraqi land in exchange for the reconstruction of the Safwan exit border. She considers this another transgression on the part of Kuwait and Iraq must take a firm stand against such acts.

Meanwhile, the Arab and International Relations Council intends to push for the amicable settlement of disputes on the establishment of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port by forging cooperation between the Kuwaiti and Iraqi parties, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting Chairman of the Council Mohammed Al-Saqer.

Al-Saqer made the statement towards the end of the seventh council meeting on Sunday, during which he was nominated chairman of the council with Iraqi Bloc Chairman Dr Eyad Alawi as his first deputy and former Moroccan foreign affairs minister Mohammed bin Issa as his second deputy. He affirmed the council will leave no stone unturned in reconciling differences between Kuwait and Iraq on the port project. He said the council fully supports Arab causes in collaboration with the Arab foreign affairs ministers.

Disclosing a plan to form an official unit in charge of boosting Arab-Arab relations, Al-Saqer explained the unit will focus on reconciling differences between Arabs and support them in their bid to gain international recognition. He said the council does not interfere in the official activities of any government because it is just a civil organization that promotes peaceful expression of viewpoints and recommendations on Arab issues.

Asked about the relationship between the council and the Arab League, Al-Saqer said the council plays an important role through constant coordination with the Arab League to address issues concerning the region. He pointed out the two organizations enjoy strong relations, especially since the former secretary-general of the league is also a founding member of the council.

Al-Saqer also underscored the need to find peaceful ways to settle Arab-Arab conflicts, such as that of the Fatah and Hamas movements in Palestine, and the March 8 and March 14 blocs in Lebanon.
In the meantime, the Shimiri tribe in Kuwait exonerated themselves of the statement by Iraqi MP Kazem Al-Shimiri who said the invasion of Kuwait will be easy.

In a statement signed by Daham Bin Hassan Al-Shimiri, the tribe strongly condemned the words of the MP. They are of the view that the statement could adversely affect the security and stability of Kuwait plus cordial relations the two countries enjoy. Also, the tribe described the statement as irresponsible, which they called an individual opinion. They reiterated the MPs words don’t represent the opinion of the entire clan that pledges allegiance to Kuwait, its people and the government.

According to the tribe, they do not heed sectarian inclined voices that promote chaos and damage good relations among neighboring countries. The tribe called on the MP to be grateful and show appreciation to the Kuwaiti government that has been so generous and supported Iraqis.

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