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One company has agreed to give a work visa for my wife who is in our country at present. As this is going to take some time, can I bring her here on a visit visa and later get it transferred into a work visa. If not, what if that company agrees to give her visit visa. Can that visa be transferred into work visa and can her papers be processed while she is on a visit?

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To process a work visa in the private sector, she will have to leave the country and come back. If she, however, comes to the country on a commercial visit visa and she is a graduate the company can get her a work permit and she can transfer without leaving the country.

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2 yearsSrivi | 8/7/2011 2:49:04 PM once sponsor is changed from you to company, then she has to go out and come in new visa, after medical, and embassy stamping from home country. once, she come in your dependant visa, she has to conver to company visa, only after 2 years, other wise, cancel dependant visa, and come in new company visa. visit visa to work visa conversion is stopped for all companies, also for visit visa to dependant visa, for adults, not allowed. wait for new visa from company. 2years, she should be dependant visa, compulsory, before local transfer to work visa, if she come in your visa.
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