Demonstrators at the Erada Square
‘Solidarity’ seminar cancelled Protesters denounce crimes committed by Syrian govt

KUWAIT CITY, June 24: A seminar entitled “Solidarity with Syrians”, which was scheduled to take place inside International Islamic Charitable Organization (IICO) auditorium in South Surra transformed into a demonstration at the Erada Square when security operatives demanded cancellation of the seminar.
Representatives of League of Sharia Scholars in the GCC and League of Muslim Scholars in the GCC and several other committees gathered at the square by 5:00pm amidst stern looking security operatives led by the Interior Ministry’s Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security and Capital Security Chief Major General Tareq Hamadah who directed the demonstrators to disperse immediately after they arrived. The demonstrators promised to stay there for only a while and leave when Chairperson of the League of Muslim Scholars in the GCC Ajel Al-Nashmi has finished his address after Maghrib prayer and provided a copy of the address. The operatives and “Friday of Solidarity with Syrians” demonstrators agreed on this point with an undertaking that they would not break law or attack any state official.

Demonstrators increased in their numbers shortly before the prayer, in the midst of representatives of some religious organizations, civil society groups, including MPs Falah Al-Sawagh and Mohammad Hayef. After the prayer, the demonstrators gathered and started chanting slogans to denounce crimes committed by the Syrian government against its own citizens through the killing and expulsion of people from cities.
Secretary General of the League of Sharia Scholars in the GCC Dr Shafi Al-Ajmi delivered a keynote address on behalf of the league. He urged the Arab and international community to intervene and stop the Syrian government from committing crimes against humanity, while lifting embargo on the cities and villages in Syria. He required the UN must send a fact-finding team to the affected regions.

On his part, the Chairperson of Salafist Political Office Fahad Al-Hailam regretted the action of officials from the Foreign Affairs Ministry and its Interior counterpart, who denied them the opportunity of holding the planned seminar in IICO headquarters. He said people were disappointed and only gathered at Erada Square to express solidarity for the Syrian masses.

According to MP Falah Al-Sawagh, the Baath Party has destroyed human beings and the entire world through its alliance with Iran. He condemned the security operatives for preventing them from organizing the planned seminar at IICO and urged the Arab League to intervene in the Syrian conflict. He called on Syrian soldiers to declare support for citizens and protect them against suffering.

For his part, MP Mohammad Hayef declared that the truth will prevail, and blamed the media for failure to spread the pictures of massacre taking place in Syria. Many other representatives of the participating organizations also delivered speeches at the event, and they unanimously demanded for expulsion of the Syrian Ambassador to Kuwait.

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