Ministry of Justice employees and KFH officials pose for a group photo
KFH organizes training course for new Experts Dept employees at MoJ Lectures detail Islamic banking, transactions

KUWAIT CITY, June 19: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) organized a comprehensive training program for newly appointed employees at the Experts Department at the Ministry of Justice. The training course included a series of lectures that were given by KFH employees from June 12-16th, in order to introduce them to the nature of work in Islamic banking institutions and Islamic transactions that are directly related to the work of those experts, which will improve their performance.
The course included 10 lectures that explained Islamic banking services offered, and the difference between Islamic and conventional banks. The lectures also shed light on KFH’s background and history, since it is considered to be one of the oldest Islamic banks in the world, and the current leader in the field of Islamic banking services.
In addition, the course demonstrated banking transactions that are related to the type of work of the participants, such as the management of operations, procedures required for granting banking facilities, the methods followed in financing clients willing to acquire houses and the guarantees, the deduction of installments from accounts, banking cards, and supervisory procedures over banks.

Meanwhile, AGM for Support Services Sector Abdul Aziz Al-Jaber stated that this course comes as part of the comprehensive training program that KFH offers its employees in various sectors, in addition to employees working at other official and private authorities, in order to develop the employees’ skills and abilities. He added that this course is an example of the fruitful collaboration between KFH and the ministry; especially that they have overlapping fields of work.
He stressed that the Ministry of Justice does not merely handle legal cases, but its work extends to reach several fields that are directly related to the core business of financial institutions and the economy, which will lead to a better investment atmosphere.
He went on to say that the ministry’s experts shoulder grave responsibilities that are related to various fields of the economy and society through offering consultancies in financial and economic cases related to banks and other companies; thus making it pivotal for them to be aware of those cases, and this is where KFH steps in as a leading authority in that field.
The experts applauded KFH for its efforts and constant work with the ministry, and called for further collaboration.

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