Kuwaiti woman party to crime Bahraini minister absolved in money-laundering case

KUWAIT CITY, May 16: The Bahraini Public Prosecution dismissed the case of money laundering filed against Bahraini minister Mansour Rajab due to insufficient evidence. A Kuwaiti woman Amal, her brother Badr and a Bedoun, Adel were also involved in the case.
The Kuwaiti Public Prosecution had earlier released the woman on a KD 1,000 bail, and her brother and friend on KD 500 each. The citizens were accused following the discovery of a 6 million euro cheque. The woman confirmed it belonged to her and said it was from a successful business deal they did with the Bahraini minister. She affirmed that the minister opened an account for her in Lebanon and there was an agreement that if she cashes the cheque without any hindrance, a certain percentage would be given to the minister. However, the minister had been charged of money laundering back in Bahrain. The Bahraini Public Prosecution charged him with engaging in illegal deals and collecting shares from criminal proceeds. It later dismissed the charges against the minister.

Hearing put off: The Criminal Court postponed the hearing on a slander case filed by MP Saleh Ashour against Mubarak Al-Bazali until May 29, 2011.
Case files indicate Ashour filed the case after allegedly hearing the recorded voice of Al-Bazali on the Internet. He accused the latter of insulting and threatened to kill him.
Meanwhile, Al-Bazali denied the charges in his Twitter account and he said the case has been dismissed. However, Ashour’s lawyers, Khalil Ahmad and Adel Qurban, refuted Al-Bazali’s claim, affirming the case is still in the court.

Detention for Kuwaiti: The Court of Appeals dismissed an appeal a Kuwaiti citizen filed against the ruling of a First Instance Court that ordered his detention after he declined to pay his debt. The ruling, which serves as reference for other similar cases in the wake of global recession and implementation of Law of the Needy, was anchored in the creditor’s ability to prove that the debtor was capable of paying the debt.
The charge sheet indicated that the appellant had failed to pay KD 50,091 and claimed he had difficulty to meet up with the payment and that his arrest and detention was wrong.

Wataniya faces suit:
Attorney Bassam Al-Asousi said his office will soon file a lawsuit against Al-Wataniya Airlines on behalf of many travelers and employees affected by its decision to stop operations in mid-March.
Al-Asousi explained he decided to file the case when the board of directors of the airlines delayed the payment of compensation for his clients. He said the company has strained relations with the shareholders because both parties have lost confidence in each other. He disclosed the company has failed to hold general assembly meetings due to lack of quorum. He revealed a meeting scheduled for last Wednesday has been postponed for a fortnight. 

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