A Kuwaiti citizen, driving a motor bike died on the spot after colliding with another bike ridden by two girls
Wife abducted, beaten, offered for sex to a Pakistani Kuwaiti Man crosses limits of cruelty

 KUWAIT CITY, April 20: Police have arrested a Kuwait military man working for the Ministry of Defense for kidnapping and beating his wife and urging a Pakistani man to have sex with her, reports Al-Rai daily.
A police source said the woman is Arab and she married the Kuwaiti man in a civil court one year ago in the presence of her father and two witnesses. The same source said the marriage contract has yet to be officially authenticated.
The source added the woman is in her seventh month of pregnancy. The husband is reportedly in the habit of picking up disputes with her for silly reasons and following a dispute each time the wife ends up in her parents home who live in Salmiya close to the place where the husband has rented an apartment for his wife.

One day following a dispute the wife went to home of her parents and the husband kidnapped her, drove her to the basement, verbally abused her and threatened to humiliate her if she screamed for help. He then allegedly called his Pakistani friend and offered him his wife.
The Pakistani was shocked at such behavior and escaped from the scene. The husband then allegedly started beating his wife in an attempt to abort the fetus before driving her home.

The woman upon reaching home screamed for help and passersby and neighbors called the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior.
The husband will be referred to the Public Prosecution and the Pakistani will be summoned to testify on the incident.
It has also been reported the man had earlier married a Kuwaiti woman and divorced her after she sued him in a court of law in an assault case.

Lovers caught in act: Police have arrested a housemaid for allowing a stranger (her lover) to enter the outhouse of her sponsor’s home and have sex with her. The incident happened in Da’iya, reports Al-Rai daily.
According to reports the sponsor went looking for the maid because he did not see her around and heard the couple giggling inside her room. He tiptoed back to the house and called police.
When police arrived the couple was in a compromising position. They have been referred to the Deportation Center.

Asian expat mugged
: An Asian expatriate in his early 30s filed a case in Farwaniya police station to report thieves who attacked him and stole his wallet while he was walking by the road late at night.
The Asian brought medical report confirming bruises he sustained as a result to beating, and narrated two men came out from a car parked by the road and approached him. Suddenly, they attacked and started beating him while one of them reached to his pockets to remove the wallet. However, they hit him with baton as he tried to resist, then they removed the wallet and escaped. He provided police with the description of their car, which has since been circulated to various checkpoints for their arrest.

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