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We have a colleague who joined our company on May 10, 2009. We hired him from abroad. In the first week of January 2011, he submitted a resignation letter to us noting that he will be resigning at the end of the month, which is less than the 3-month notice period. We informed him that as per the Labor Law he should give us a 3-month notice, but he insisted on resigning so we accepted his resignation but we told him “with respect to the Labor Law.”

Now he is requesting us to pay him for the annual leave and all Saturdays of the month from the day he started to work with us until he resigned. We don’t have any question about the annual leave because we are giving all our employees one month leave per year. But the question is, are we entitled to pay him for these Saturdays from the day he started to work with us when the fact is we paid him his monthly wages every end of the month? Note that we are only working 8 hours a day from Saturday to Thursday.

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Your colleague is totally wrong. First of all he should have given a 3-month notice and when he didn’t you could have cut an amount equal to his 2 months salary for the period which is short from the required 3-month notice.

Secondly, he is not entitled to any pay for Saturdays unless it is specifically mentioned in his contract that he will get a two-day weekend. If it is according to the Labor Law he is only entitled to one off day per week. Secondly he is only working 48 hours a week which is according to the Labor Law.

By the way, annual leave is not one month, it is “30 working days” and for the leave salary you must calculate as follows: 30/26*salary

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