We need to ‘reveal’ the Iranian file completely Vital to limit movement of embassy members

We did not respond to Iran’s aggressive conduct until the discovery of its spy network. In fact, we even tried to keep the matter confidential at the beginning under the pretext that the case is in the court. The irresponsible conduct of the Iranian regime, its arrogance towards Gulf states and the provocative statements of its officials should have warned us and we should have been cautious about every small event related to this regime. In the past, we suffered the aggressive behavior of Saddam Hussein and also bore the brunt when Kuwait was turned into a courtyard to settle disputes between Iran and Iraq during the Gulf war. The Gulf states have been dealing with the Iranian regime in quite a conservative manner in order to avoid provoking it, but it is like repeating the mistake we did with Saddam Hussein.

If Iran had any sense or wisdom, it wouldn’t have said ‘we will burn US bases in the region if any aircraft launches an attack against us.’ Its latest transgression involves the operating of a spy group in which three officers of the Iranian embassy in Kuwait were found involved. After all this, Iranian President Ahmadinejad has the cheek to ask ‘why will we spy against Kuwait?’ Thanks to heaven and the efforts of the State Securitymen who discovered the spy group which is said to be one of the seven of its kind. We wonder how many such groups are operating in the Gulf region.

Iran tried to interfere in the affairs of Bahrain and Lebanon through its representative Hassan Nasrallah who delivered a speech during the unrest in Bahrain but remained mute during Dera’a events. He did not allow his spoiled mass media to even cover the events. I want to remind the Iranian regime of the one million people killed during the First Gulf War during 1980-1988 and ask why are you spending excessively on the nuclear installations and armament without any cause? Or are you planning to liberate Jerusalem?

You should use such financial surpluses for the development and benefit of the Iranian people who have been reduced to poverty despite being in a historically rich country with immense potential in arts, tourism, industry and agriculture. Actually, the retarded mentality ruling the Iranian people has pushed the country to the last position in terms of development. If the regime is really seeking reforms, why did it kill people who were protesting against the rigged elections in 2009? The protest was violently crushed and even men were raped before women by the security forces.

I would like to tell the Iranian regime: leave the Gulf states alone and don’t interfere in our internal maters. And why do you refuse to live in peace with neighboring countries? At the same time, I thank our foreign minister for his strict stance towards Iran in his recent statements. We should be strict and decisive in this regard because the security of Kuwait comes first. The Iranian file should be revealed and information about the number of embassy members involved in the spy network should be disclosed according to international conventions.

It is also necessary to limit their movement and they should be allowed to visit certain places only after getting prior permission from the Foreign Ministry. The statement of Ambassador Jannati was another evidence of the deep hatred Iran harbors, and hence, from now on before the appointment of any diplomat or officer, a certificate of good conduct should be demanded. This is actually the right of our foreign minister.

Also, the prospective officer should be screened properly, because we know that Saddam Hussein recruited even car washers to spy and provide information to his intelligence wing. Didn’t we learn any lesson from the ‘earthquake’ of Aug 2, 1990? No more compromises or surrenders. Kuwait was saved by God and its people, and we also have agreements with the five permanent members of the United Nations. Therefore, we should not hesitate anymore; Kuwait is above everything else and remains our first priority. May God save Kuwait and its people from evils.

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By: Yousuf Mubarak Al-Mubaraki

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