Transfer from Visit Visa to Dependent for Infant

My son was born in Kuwait and I got a passport for him here but I sent him back to my country within 2 months because I was having a residence problem with my company. Now I don’t have any problems. My wife and two daughters have visas until October 2011. My question is — Can I get my son on a visit visa to Kuwait and then transfer him to a dependent visa? He is 6 months old.

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Yes, you can easily get a visit visa for him and later transfer him to a dependent visa because he is an infant. But I don’t understand why you straightaway don’t apply for a dependent visa. It takes the same amount of time, the same papers and will save you going to the immigration department again to apply for a dependent visa.

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vaccination cardSrivi | 3/22/2011 9:23:18 AM Arrange to bring vaccination card of baby and police clearance certificate attested to make residency for baby.
manager approval.Srivi | 3/22/2011 8:59:13 AM possible. it is purely based on manager approval. children are freely allowed to change from visit visa to dependant visa. only for adults, not allowed. you can save your embassy stamping and medical in home country expenses. your baby can travel immediately, without waiting for medical and embassy stamping time. enjoy with baby. it is easy.
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