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Embassy calls on illegal Pinoys to avail amnesty 915 Filipinos file applications

KUWAIT CITY, March 12: “On behalf of Philippine Ambassador Shulan Primavera, we are calling on all Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Kuwait who have been overstaying in Kuwait with no iqama or residence permit to avail of the amnesty program given by the Kuwaiti government from March 1 to June 30, “urged Philippine Vice Consul Sheila Monedero on Saturday as a number of illegal residents started trooping to the Philippine Embassy in Jabriya a week after the amnesty began.

Monedero explained that this is the chance for everyone with expired visas to go home to the Philippines without paying qarama or fine or if they want to regularize their residence status, they just have to pay the stipulated fine.

“The amnesty also covers all overstaying foreign workers with absconding cases. However, if their visa has not expired and they have an absconding case, they can’t leave Kuwait till their travel ban is effective,” she pointed out. She added that the amnesty does not cover those expatriates with criminal cases.

With regard to Filipino children with no visas, she urged the parents to bring their kids to the embassy for assistance. “These are special cases, the parents have to bring them here and we will try our best to fix their papers and coordinate with the Kuwait immigration authorities and be allowed to go home to the Philippines for humane reasons,” she stated.

Monedero outlined that for those who have their passports with them, they can go straight to the airport and leave but for those who do not have their passports with them, they have to proceed to the embassy and apply for a travel document.

“They just need to bring three passport size photos, photocopy of their passport or any proof of identity and fill up the application form,” she explained. She informed that the travel document takes a day to process. “If they have applied today then they can get it the following day.

Moreover, the travel document is free. If anyone charges you with a fee that is unauthorized by the Philippine Embassy, please let us know immediately so we can do the appropriate actions,” she stressed.

To facilitate the process, posted also at the embassy gate is the step-by -step procedure in obtaining a travel document:

  • Step 1 - Distribution of Forms ( By Noel Japitana at the guardhouse);
  • Step 2 - Screening of Applicants ( by Catherine Gison & Abdulhalim Langco, with no proof of identification - Virginia Vicente & Nabil Tarosan);
  • Step 3 - Assembly of Travel Documents (By Edifredo Dabuet);
  • Step 4 - Releasing of Travel Documents (in front of the embassy)
  • Step 5 - Proceed to Immigration Department for stamping of Unified Number;
  • Step 6 - Confirmation ( give photocopy of Travel Document with Unified No. to the embassy and provide flight details);
  • Step 7 - Airport Assistance ( for at least 10 persons who will be leaving on the same flight); and
  • Step 8 - Homeward bound to the Philippines. As of Thursday, the embassy disclosed that they have received a total of 915 travel document applications since the amnesty started on March 1.

During the amnesty period, the embassy is also open during Friday and Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm to accept travel documents from overstating OFWs but the processing is done on Sunday, disclosed Monedero. “We urge everyone not to wait for the last minute. Avoid the rush. The embassy is here to help you,” reiterated Monedero.


By: Michelle Fe Santiago

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yet another confussion in this amnesty!Geri | 3/29/2011 1:59:13 AM “The amnesty also covers all overstaying foreign workers with absconding cases. However, if their visa has not expired and they have an absconding case, they can’t leave Kuwait till their travel ban is effective,” she pointed out. For all i know that, if a employee been filed by a bogus or valid absconding case they are already considered ILLEGAL this is why they are WANTED by law because they been called ABSCONDING! i hope before the Philippine Vice Consul Sheila Monedero, give her statement she should be clear bcoz their is a lot of confusion is been raise. CAN ANYONE PLS TELL ME IF A EMPLOYEE WITH VALID RESIDENT BUT WITH ABSCONDING CASE ARE NOT ILLEGAL RESIDENT!!! PLS ADVICE HOW AND WHAT ARE THE RULES TO RECTIFY THE STATUS of employee with still valid visa but with fake absconding case...
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