Hariri … and gangs of thugs

In his recent speech, Saad Al-Hariri expressed the opinion of the majority of Lebanese people. He talked with a vision of a statesman and used the language of institutional work, not the language of terrorism and threats which caused chaos, destruction and massacres in Lebanon throughout its civil war between 1975 and 1991. It is evident that some evil forces want Lebanon to return to that stage under excuses that do not convince even the naive.

By confronting this vicious attack on the stability of his country, Saad Al-Hariri showed that he represents the real majority and is continuing on the path of his late father who managed to stabilize Lebanon in a few years and made it a huge economy in spite of all terror techniques that were practiced throughout his years at the helm of the government. To a large extent, the senior Al-Hariri was able to stand against the gangs and this upset the forces of extortion which assassinated him and are now trying to get rid of the International Tribunal on Lebanon to prevent accountability and continue with the assassination strategy.

This odd reality can neither be accepted by the Lebanese people nor is it acceptable to ‘the Future Movement,’ which works according to the ideas of its founder, martyr Rafik Al-Hariri. It is also not acceptable to the forces of freedom and independence, and even the international community. All these powers will not allow Lebanon to function on the basis of the law of jungle which has been adopted by some parties that have come from outside and have received instructions from troubled countries trying to resolve their crises at the expense of Lebanon and the blood of innocent people.

The confrontation in this small country is now between two powers: one is armed to the teeth, claims false democracy and is extremely sectarian, while the other has the support of constitutional institutions, is logical and secular. It is a confrontation between Hezbollah and groups mired in sectarianism and ‘the Future Movement’ and the forces of ‘March 14’ which are politically diverse and secular. So it is a very difficult and fierce battle; however, the party which has accepted the rules of the state and institutions will never offer the country on a golden platter to boys wearing black shirts and ‘assassination and bombing’ groups that thrive on blood and destruction.

These gangs which specialize in gagging mouths, oppression and torture are not aware that Lebanon cannot be a bloody table of negotiations for any troubled regional power and will not be another Somalia which is fertile soil for the groups of blackmail and extremism, because the Lebanese model in the East will not give evil gangs the opportunity to import the Afghan model, and thus they and those who control them from outside the Lebanese borders must know that missiles and weapons will not help in anything at all and the consequences will be terrible if they do not keep Lebanon away from regional political games.

We are with Saad Al-Hariri in his fight against the ‘project of destroying Lebanon.’ He committed mistakes in the past by allowing concessions, but also sacrificed his victory in the parliamentary elections to seek reconciliation in the hope that these groups will work in a national unified government. A majority of Lebanese people, all wise Arabs and the international community calls on Saad Al-Hariri to continue his steadfast position in the face of such gangs because he and those around him are making Lebanon an impregnable fortress which will foil all terrorist projects. It will also give rise to a stronger, free and truly democratic Lebanon.

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By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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