Ministry launches campaign to reduce rate of divorce in Kuwait Kids prime victims in family breakup

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 2: The Ministry of Justice has launched a campaign in collaboration with a number of ministries and the concerned authorities to reduce the rate of divorce in Kuwait, reports Al-Rai daily.
The campaign seeks, according to sources, to mobilize the efforts of the government and private organizations to reduce the rate of divorce in the country with emphasis on future vision and its implications and responsibilities on the society because the children become victims of this phenomenon which impacts on the society and the children’s custody and education.

The sources said a joint committee will be formed comprising personnel from the concerned ministries and institutions to develop a mechanism for preventive action and treatment involving a large number of consultants on family affairs, doctors, psychologists and religious leaders, judges, preachers and imams of mosques.

They will visit specialized centers like the Center for Reconciliation and schools, colleges and universities in addition they will pay visits to families in their homes to indicate the deleterious effects divorce has on family members, ranging from mental disorders to deviant behavior, crime and others.

The daily added, in spite of the slight rise in the divorce rate among Kuwaitis (half a percent more than what was recorded in 2009) this figure is significant. Efforts should be made by concerned parties to prevent the phenomenon of divorce, by increasing awareness about its implications.

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